Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hurricane Matthew in Review

Hurricane Matthew was a devastating Category 4 hurricane when it first struck Haiti. Its winds of 145MPH and storm serge followed by flooding did major damage to the Southwest and Northwest peninsulas of Haiti.

Immediately after the hurricane, a partner church in Virginia took a collection for emergency aid funds and sent it to its partner church in Citern Remy. This video is a short interview with Nelson Onand, the pastor there explaining what happened during the storm and expressing his appreciation for the life-saving emergency funds.

Video of Citern Remy Hurricane Matthew Interview
Several weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit, I made a trip to assess the situation and take emergency relief and development aid. This is a video essay of the destruction experienced in the Grand'Anse of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, as well as the hope that was shared with the victims through emergency relief aid like food and tarps, and development aid like seeds and trees.

Video of Jeremie after Hurricane Matthew
I am planning a return trip to Jeremie to carry trees and tin to help with reconstruction. $100 can pay for the tin to cover a small house there. This #GivingTuesday and entire giving season, please consider a tax deductible contribution through Walking Together for Christ.

(Special thanks to Lara Martin for the truly inspired song, The Voice of Hope, which was used in the Jeremie video.)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Well On Mission Base Land

My brother Joe and Nephew Jon are here helping drill a well on our land.

We hit water yesterday while drilling the well. We are about 120 feet deep. We have at least 8 gallons per minute. We aren't finished yet. Praise the LORD with us!

James Drilling at Sunset

Many of my Haitian neighbors were sceptical about drilling a well on the top of this plateau. They frequently asked if we would get water. My answer always was, "We asked God to give us water, so He will". And He did!

Thank the LORD with us!