Tuesday, April 12, 2016


One of my favorite fruit is the abricot (Abriko). They are not to be confused with the apricot fruit, from the genus "Prunus".  Abricot, as described in this post, are found ONLY in Haiti, and mainly in the southern peninsula.  A similar abricot is said to grow in 3 Caribbean islands surrounding Haiti. There is even a town in Haiti called Abricot. When I was recently in the Grand'Anse, I was able to spend a few days there in ministry (and eating Abricot). It is just the beginning of the season, so they are still rather hard to come by.

Abricot grows on a big tree, the abricot tree. It has large, round fruit with firm, orange flesh.
Abricot Tree (Fruit circled)
The fruit falls out of the tree when ripe, or it can be picked by a skilled tree climber.

My Tree Climbing Friend
Now, you may be asking, how do you eat an abricot. Abricot is a lot of work compared to some fruits. The photos and captions tell the story.

Cut Off Top, Cut Through Outer Skin on Three Sides

Peel Off Outer Skin

Peel Off Light Yellow Covering, With a Knife

Cut Into Three Sections, a Big Seed In Each

Cut Off Meat From Around Seeds and Eat
(Don't Eat the Seed Bark)

Open Mouth, Insert, Chew and Savor
The meat is delicious; sweet and firm.

Eat an abricot for me if you ever get the chance!


  1. You tease! How is this different from an apricot? There a Wikipedia page for abricot but my lack of French is a bit of a blocker there.

    1. You asked before my post was finished. I was having Internet issues and it automatically posted. More pictures are soon to come which show you they are completely different.

      It is great to hear from you!

    2. See all the details and more pictures at the updated post…