Thursday, December 3, 2015

Singapore, Malaysia and America; Here I Come

The days are quickly approaching for my departure to Singapore, Malaysia and America!  I received a miracle grant making all of this travel possible!  It enables me to attend the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit. While I'm traveling, I extended the dates (to actually get cheaper flights) to see Malaysia and many of you in Virginia over Christmas!

After the conference I plan to venture into Malaysia via train.  I've also got an overnight in China on the way back!  I plan to be in Virginia from December 21st until January 1st. If you want to connect/re-connect please drop me a message.

I have been very busy in the past month with various clients who I am helping implement the OpenMRS medical record software.  I was able to squeeze in a few movie showings here in Port-au-Prince, and to play the part of Jesus in a music video.

James Playing Jesus
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As always, thanks for your prayers!  That's what keeps me going!

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