Thursday, July 30, 2015


On Thursday, June 25th at about 4PM near Gonaives, I was involved in a "little" accident.  A 13 year old girl (Lovely) ran out in front of us as we were going to show movies.  She ran smack into the front fender (side) and bounced backwards.  She left a dent in the fender and broke her arm.  Trying to avoid her, we swerved off the road, over a low shoulder and nearly crashed into a canal; which could have killed us all.  We scooped her up before she got run over by another vehicle or a crowd gathered, and rushed her to the hospital in Gonaives.  She was conscious and gave us a phone number to call her aunt, who she lived with.  It's pretty much a miracle it was no worse than a broken arm.

Lovely and James After Hospital Return Visit

The hospital in Gonaives was unable to operate on her arm for several days, and the family pushed for her to be transferred.  We took her to the Mirebalais University Hospital (about 3 hours drive away), and she was given a return visit for later that week, and they operated.  After the operation, they cleaned the wound and eventually took the stitches out locally in Gonaives. Today we took her back for her return visit.  Everything appears to be OK, and a return visit is scheduled in 2 weeks.

Lovely was a restavek; living with her aunt.  This is a form of modern day slavery.  The father and mother have taken Lovely back home today as a result of the accident.  God can produce good results through our trials!

Things in Haiti aren't as simple as calling 911 and the gecko agent (insurance)!

Thanks so much for your continued prayer for complete healing and resolution.