Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Tribute to My Nephew Derick

Wednesday as I drove the long trip from Jeremie to Port-au-Prince my mind pondered what would transpire in the next couple days.  Surely there would be a welcoming party, and sweet times of intimate fellowship with caring family and friends.  Probably the same as Jesus on his way to Jerusalem, he knew something was going to happen; something exciting (triumphal entry), something painful (beating, mocking and betrayal), something hopeless that would appear to end in death (crucifixion and burial).  Jesus was going to Jerusalem to give of Himself, to give for all.  I was on my way to Virginia to comfort (and find comfort) with my mourning family, in the tragic death and burial of my nephew.

Derick Brian Arbaugh
My nephew Derick (son of David) died following a motor vehicle accident on Sunday night.  It was just in May that I attended his wedding in Germany.  How quickly joy has turned to sorrow.

Derick and Miri Arriving at Wedding Reception
Candle-lit Song at Wedding Reception

Derick had come to visit me in Haiti.  Here are some pictures of happy times together in Haiti!
Derick and his Father
Derick Being Carried to Keep His Feet Dry
Finally a Real Bed!
Look at the Mess I Made
Derick Making Fun of my "Turd-Cel"
Derick in Flight on Family Trip to Lagonave
Derick Working on His Tan
Let's See You Get Out of This!

Jesus' death appeared to be total loss and defeat.  But, three days later He was raised to life, giving anyone who believes in Him eternal life!  Derick was a growing Christian who believed in Him.  He was taking new and exciting steps of faith daily, taking him closer to Christ.  Well, he took the final step, and has ascended into the presence and glory of the Lord.  I just hope he saves me a place at the banquet table in Heaven.  Soon our mourning will turn to dancing!  Psalm 30:11

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