Saturday, May 17, 2014

Germany and Turkey

Last Saturday my nephew, Derick, married Miriam, a beautiful German girl!  I was able to attend the wedding with my parents.  The wedding was held in a historic cathedral, in small-town Germany. The reception was unimaginable; lots of extravagant food and fun games. 

After the wedding, we (my mom, dad and I) went by train to visit Nicole, a long-time German friend, and co-worker from HAS.  She was a wonderful hostess and tour guide.  She catered to my pallet, serving fresh (weed) salad, apples and strawberries!  She took us to see a monastery, then to a nostalgic restaurant for snitzel and black forest cake, in the Black Forest!

Next, we were off to Istanbul, Turkey.  We saw some interesting sites; the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar.  The most interesting sight to see was my mom maneuvering her new rollator!

Next was a bus ride to Ankara (the capital of Turkey), then an overnight train ride to Erzurum.  From there we rented a car and drove to the closest city to Mount Ararat.  We have gotten to see Mount Ararat, Little Ararat, a meteor crater (Çukuru), the Iranian border crossing, and where Noah supposedly "parked" his ark.  Also, we have seen several rainbows here in Noah's land of promise.  A good reminder of God's covenant to never destroy the whole earth by a flood again, even if He gets fed up with us and our sin!

The Turks are the most friendly, helpful and hospitable people in the world.  They also have the best food!
James in front of Mount Ararat
James in front of Noah's Ark Remains
Mount Ararat
It is truly a blessing to tread on this land!

I have uploaded all of the pictures taken during the trip.  See the Germany and Turkey galleries.

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