Monday, April 7, 2014


It was a long and hard decision to leave Deschapelles.  One of my biggest concerns was that I would have to start a whole new media ministry.  I would have to meet new pastors and friends that would invite me to show movies at their churches and communities.  This has NOT been hard.  I showed movies the 2nd weekend after moving!  I am on par for number of showings, attendance and new decisions for Christ.  Praise the Lord for the doors he has opened!

As I was packing up to move, I decided to leave some movie equipment in Gonaives.  At first, it was just so I could use it for an upcoming team in La Borgne, in the North.  It didn't make sense to carry it 14 hours away, to bring it past where I started from.  After some prayerful consideration, I decided to ask a couple friends if they would like to form a committee to show movies with my spare equipment.  They accepted, as if I was Jesus telling them to do it!  They are Pastor Nestor, Pastor Edner and Brother Rochenel.

They have accepted the sacrifice of supporting this activity.  I haven't given them any assistance other than lending them the movie equipment.  They ask the inviting churches to pitch-in financially and/or they cover the cost themselves.  None of the committee has a vehicle, so they have to find and finance transportation too!

The outcome of this self-supporting media ministry group is amazing.  They showed more movies in December 2013 than I did!  They have also seen a lot of people accept Christ. Some witch-doctors even accepted Christ as a result of this group showing these movies.  They are making an eternal impact!  They are multiplying the kingdom of Christ!

1st Quarter 2014 Media Ministry Results

Please pray with me as I consider multiplying the efforts again; by equipping another group in another area with a projector and screen.

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