Thursday, February 27, 2014

Visitors, Teams and Travels

This year started out with lots of activities.  I spent a short 4-days in Virginia with my family for Christmas.  On December 28th, my dad and team and I left for Haiti.  We visited the Virginia Mennonite Missions related churches.  We made benches at Laraquinte.  We showed movies at all of them.  There were many new decisions for Christ!
Geriatric Descent
As the work team left, my mom joined my dad and I.  Because of the cold weather (in Virginia) her flight was canceled, and she arrived a day later than expected.  Because of our late start, we spent the night about halfway at Jardins sur Mer.  Because of the road construction, it took a few hours longer than expected.

Sunrise from Jardins sur Mer
I worked while my parents were here, but we spent good quality time together in the evenings.  Mom cooked me breakfast most mornings too.  She made a conscious effort to get me to talk!

Joe (Dad), Miriam (Mom) and James (Me) at the beach in Bonbon
My folks departed the end of January, when I picked up the medical team from the airport.  We visited (and held clinics) at the Virginia Mennonite Missions churches.  Pastor Rodrique handled the planning with the pastors and government.  I was the driver and a translator.  Project Help handled the food and lodging.  It was a very memorable trip.

I returned to Jeremie and got settled in just in time to leave for Texas.  I attended the Fellowship Bible Church World Outreach Weekend (WOW) last weekend. It was a great time for fellowship with old friends, and meeting new folks in the church too.  Not to mention a chance to share my ministry with them.

You know, none of this would be possible without your prayer support!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

  • Le Combat is replicated.  Hopefully it will make it into Haiti on the next container.
  • Great WOW
  • An old friend is visiting me for carnival.

 Prayer Requests:            
  • Safety during travels in rara season.
  • Pray for the upcoming FBC team.
  • Pray for ministry contacts to show movies in the Jeremie area.
  • Pray for the movie showings that are scheduled.
  • Pray for the re-mastering of the La Solution DVD.
  • Pray for successful delivery and arrival in Haiti of the Le Combat DVD’s.
  • Pray for the church at Charlette (construction).
  • Pray for victory in the unseen battle.
  • Pray for health and will to keep doing ministry.
  • Pray for a good hurricane season.
  • Pray for some good friends/fellowship in Jeremie.

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