Thursday, October 10, 2013

OpenMRS Site Visit in Kenya

I'm having a great time in Kenya, attending the OpenMRS Implementer's Meetings. I'm learning so much. Every now and then I even get to teach another implementer a new trick. Today was "site visit" day, where by we split up into groups and visited "local" healthcare facilities using OpenMRS. I was on the group that visited Koilot Health Center.  It was a little more than an hours bus ride from Eldoret.

Sign Pointing to Koilot Health Center
The Actual Clinic
We got a nice tour of the facility.  This included a basic flow of patients, including visiting consultation/counseling rooms, lab, and "server room". When asked about training, and how she learned to use the system, she said, "The system is simple to use, and it doesn't require a computer degree to use it."  They also said, compared to writing on paper, the EMR was easier to complete their daily tasks.  Unfortunately, it's necessary to keep the paper records because of frequent power outages.

Nurse in Charge Explains Reporting
Power outages were their main complaint about the reliability of the system. They use nComputing thin-clients, which helps lower their power consumption.  I'm told the voltage in Kenya is supposed to be 240-volts at 50-hertz.  According to their power strip, it looks like it was about 60-volts!  Something wasn't working quite like it was supposed to!

Low Voltage

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