Monday, October 21, 2013

More Kenya Pictures

I'm excited to report that I have safely returned home to Jeremie, Haiti.

I have been able to upload the remainder of the Kenya Pictures.

Overloaded Bus

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Kenya - Ray of Hope

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Kenya - Safari

Here Kitty Kitty

Friday, October 18, 2013

Time in Kenya Finished

My "holiday" in Kenya is now drawing to an end.  Early tomorrow morning I shall set out to the airport for my LONG trip home. I've seen so many wonderful and exciting things here.

Orphan Elephants

On Sunday, I visited a local church in Nairobi; Jesus Come Revival Ministry.  They really know how to pray and worship.

On Monday, I visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I got to see baby orphan elephants up close.

See the gallery from things I saw in/around Nairobi here... Kenya - Nairobi Gallery

On Monday night, I set out to Mombasa via Train.  The train was very bouncy, but a fun experience. I had a 2nd class suite to myself, including a bed and sink. I also had breakfast, dinner and lunch on the train in the dining car.  Unfortunately, it arrived about 8 hours late, which fortunately meant I got to see many kilometers of Kenyan back-country. It was quite beautiful.

Tuesday night and Wednesday I spent at "Ray of Hope" with a friend of the family.  It's a children's home.  I had a lot of fun with the kids, and helping my friend organize the library. They gave me the special guest treatment, including serving me meat! I provided the entertainment; I showed them LeCombat off of my laptop.

Thursday and Friday I went on safari.  My friend from Ray of Hope went along.  We saw many wonderful and amazing things the Lord has created.  We saw elephants, giraffes, buffalo, lions, impala, dig-digs, eagles and other things that are super cool and interesting that I can't remember their names.

I plan to upload all of the pictures, so stay tuned to this blog for more updates for the announcement of the remaining pictures.

As always, thanks for your prayers!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

From Eldoret to Nairobi

Greetings from Kenya.  I took a fun and beautiful bus trip from Eldoret to Nairobi.  It was especially fun because some of the university computer science students who attended the OpenMRS meetings were also on their way home and on the bus with me.

Kenya is very diverse and incredibly beautiful.

Kenya Beauty
Kenya Beauty - Between Eldoret and Nairobi
To view all of the pictures I've taken on the trip thus far, including the OpenMRS Conference and site visits, visit the Photo Gallery.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

OpenMRS Site Visit in Kenya

I'm having a great time in Kenya, attending the OpenMRS Implementer's Meetings. I'm learning so much. Every now and then I even get to teach another implementer a new trick. Today was "site visit" day, where by we split up into groups and visited "local" healthcare facilities using OpenMRS. I was on the group that visited Koilot Health Center.  It was a little more than an hours bus ride from Eldoret.

Sign Pointing to Koilot Health Center
The Actual Clinic
We got a nice tour of the facility.  This included a basic flow of patients, including visiting consultation/counseling rooms, lab, and "server room". When asked about training, and how she learned to use the system, she said, "The system is simple to use, and it doesn't require a computer degree to use it."  They also said, compared to writing on paper, the EMR was easier to complete their daily tasks.  Unfortunately, it's necessary to keep the paper records because of frequent power outages.

Nurse in Charge Explains Reporting
Power outages were their main complaint about the reliability of the system. They use nComputing thin-clients, which helps lower their power consumption.  I'm told the voltage in Kenya is supposed to be 240-volts at 50-hertz.  According to their power strip, it looks like it was about 60-volts!  Something wasn't working quite like it was supposed to!

Low Voltage

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vrè Sekirite a (True Security) Trailer and Synopsis

This is the trailer of Vrè Sekirite a (True Security).
Missionary James Productions ap presante Vrè Sekirite a, yon istwa ki chaje ak pasyon kote anpil bagay materyèl pèdi men gen yon viktwa espirityèl. Kote Jose François te okipe’l anpil de byen materyèl li te achte ak lajan papa’l te mouri kite pou li. Malgre gwo mezi sekirite li pran pou kay li ak machin li nan yon sèl nwit li te pèdi tout bagay, lè volè yo te antre nan kay la. Menm kan madanm li se kretyen, e Jose te menm konn tande mesaj levajil la, li te pito konte sou byen materyèl li yo pase pou’l te ete lafwa’l nan Jezi Kri. Aprè ke li te fin pèdi tout bagay, menm lavi’l tou, se lè sa a ke Jose vin reyalize ke Jezi se sèl Vrè Sekirite nan mete lapè ant  Bondye ak moun. Se sa ki vin pouse Jose aksepte Jezi kòm sovè’l, epi viv ak yon lòt objektif nan lavi’l. Tout imaj yo nèt se an Ayiti yo filme yo, avèk tout aktè Ayisyen sa yo se yon bagay kap fè fanmi’w ak zanmi’w anvi gade fim sa a plizyè fwa.

Missionary James Productions presents True Security, an exciting story of material loss and spiritual gain with a Haitian flavor.  Jose Francois is overly concerned about the material possessions his father's inheritance allowed him to purchase.  Even though he made preparations to secure his house and vehicle, he loses it all in a night when thieves break in.  Although his wife is a Christian, and Jose has heard the gospel message, he has preferred to rely on his material possessions rather than putting his faith in Jesus Christ.  After losing everything, including his life, Jose comes to realize that Jesus is the only true security in making peace between God and man.  This realization causes Jose to accept Jesus as his savior, and live with a different purpose in life.  Filmed entirely in Haiti, with all Haitian actors makes it something your family and friends will want to watch over and over again.