Friday, August 30, 2013

Update, Birthday and Charlette Church Tin

Greetings in the name of Christ! All is well with me, thanks to the Lord! I have been blessed beyond what you could imagine. My media ministry has started to take root around Jeremie. Work is going well, and I feel like I'm settling in well.

Today is my birthday. I'm now 36 years old, so I'm told. I have a friend visiting from Bombardopolis, about 18 hours bus ride from Jeremie! He came along to see this side of the country, and so I wouldn't have to make the trip by myself back from Port-au-Prince.

Birthday Cake
I was recently awarded a full scholarship to attend the OpenMRS Implementers Meetings, 8-11 October.  This year they are being held in Eldoret, Kenya.  I obviously plan to attend; with great gratitude for this honor.

Not long ago, I made my first trip to Charlette on a movie showing weekend. Charlette is a little more than 2 hours drive away from Jeremie, and then about an hour's hike up the mountain. There is a church with about 150 people in regular attendance.  They meet under a tarp.  They had the foundation and part of the walls finished.  God answered their prayers, and I was touched by their situation!  Out of the blue, a friend from Texas asked if there was any way for me to help host one of his teams as his other options had fallen through.  I mentioned Charlette and a few days later, we had set the dates. (For this November!)

I brought a load of tin back for the project, which I bought in Port-au-Prince directly from the factory.  It was longer (14-feet) and heavier (0.40mm) than the tin I could purchase locally.  Buying in Port and doing the transportation with the "White Wonder of God's Provision" saved a small fortune.

Church Folks Praising the Lord for Tin
Carrying the Tin Up the Mountain
Please pray the local church body will be encouraged by the prospects of a really nice church roof! They must do their part; finish with the walls and pour the bond beam.

  • I have completed the new Vrè Sekirite a DVD and it is being replicated.
  • I have completed the first draft of the Le Combat English subtitles and they are being proofed/corrected.  The new master DVD is also partially completed, including new menus.
  • Great woman’s conference.
  • Good hurricane season thus far.
  • I have a friend visiting me for my birthday (today), and my maid baked me a cake.
  • I received a scholarship to attend the OpenMRS Implementers Meetings in Kenya this October.
Prayer Requests:           
  • Pray for ministry contacts to show movies in the Jeremie area.
  • Pray for the re-mastering of the Vrè Sekirite a, Le Combat and La Solution DVD’s.
  • Pray for the ability to get the new DVD’s shipped into Haiti.
  • Pray for the church at Charlette (that they will get their walls/bond beam up in time for the church roof team).
  • Pray for the church roof construction team.
  • Pray for victory in the unseen battle.
  • Pray for health and will to keep doing ministry.
  • Pray for a good hurricane season.
  • Pray for some good friends/fellowship in Jeremie.

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