Monday, June 10, 2013

Moved to Jeremie and Working

Greetings to you all! The end of last month I was busy saying "goodbye", selling off my belongings, and packing the rest.  I made the grueling trip in the anticipated time, 14 hours drive, all in one day.  Trust me, the drive was NOT like driving in the US.  It was exciting!  Pulling the trailer made it that much slower and exciting!

White Wonder and Trailer with moving helpers

Goofing off during picnic stop

I've been in Jeremie for more than a week now! Carl, one of the organization's board members who has historically helped with the computers was here to help me get initiated.  He was a big help! I will be working closely with a Haitian IT person, Asmail. He is sharp, knows their current system, and is very eager to learn!  I'm thanking the Lord for him already!  I've been using these first few days to learn as much as possible about the organization and the task ahead of me. I've got my work cut out for me!

I'm living on the third floor apartment above the boutique.  It's concrete block, with a tin roof. Jeremie is built on the side of a hill by the ocean.  Thus, my third floor balcony is at roughly the same level as the street outside in the back. 

Back of Apartment and backyard

Front of Apartment and White Wonder

Side of Apartment

The apartment has got two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a large kitchen, dining room, living room combined. There is a water tank on the roof which has provided reliable water.  There is a generator in the compound that augments the solar and city power.  It's a nice place, and quite comfortable overall.

Guest Room / Storage

Bathroom Sink


Bedroom - Shelf and windows

Bedroom Closet

I have a maid that works for me six days per week.  She has proven to be a great cook.  She really likes Maggie (my dog) too.

Living Room

The compound where I live is a place where pregnant woman with complications come to stay prior to delivery.  It's close to the hospital so they can be shuttled over at a moment's notice.  During their stay they receive health training in a fun format.  Here are some additional pictures from the complex where I live.

Maternal Waiting Home

Pavilion for woman and children training and consultations


Everyone has been very welcoming to me and excited that I have joined them. They are all surprised that Hospital Albert Schweitzer didn't do what was necessary to keep me. Many here have said "It's HAS's loss, and our gain!"  The other day Carl told me, "I sure appreciate the knowledge, planning, and analysis that you're using as you address each of these issues. It's a breath of fresh air (from my perspective)." It feels soooo good to be appreciated.

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