Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rose Angelique

Here are some videos I produced of a music group in the Oasis of Faith Christian Church in Port-au-Prince.  The music is by Rose Angelique.  The pictures are from my collection.

Lanmou - Dedicated to all the friends I will rarely see when I leave Deschapelles

Kite Kem Chante

San Repwoch

Yon Plan

Rose Angelique - Founded 21 May 2011 
Group Members: Ernise Nancen, Volcimus Gilberbe, Joseph Carmene, Augustin Rosemathe, Travius Tralene, Robuste Anise, J.Lorita
Director: Pastor Deravil Jems
Contact: Email: Tel:  4600-8548, 3231-7063

P.S. I praise the Lord for answering lots of panicky prayers during our email server upgrade here at HAS last weekend.  My staff and I spent all night Friday and Saturday in the office, and a few hours Sunday night too.  We've been working hard to bring our clients back online, connecting them to the new email server.  Praise the Lord, we have achieved our goal!

Note to self: Don't wait until an email server is past "End of Life" and then try to upgrade/migrate to the latest and greatest software released 10-years later!

Thanks for your prayers as I transition from HAS and on to where God is calling me!

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