Friday, October 12, 2012


I have now been in the Philippines for several days.  It is a wonderful most interesting country!  The OpenMRS conference has been outstanding.  The place the conference was held (and where we stayed) has been comfortable and super well organized too.  In general the people are very respectful and friendly.

Thursday we went on a site visit to see OpenMRS in use by the public health department clinics. We had the following entertainment in the restaurant in Manila after our clinic tour.  The group played and the girl danced for one song too.

Today, after the conference session, I went to visit the Taal Volcano. It was a beautiful lake with a volcano formed island.  We crossed the lake in a stylish motorboat.  We then rode horse to the top of the volcano where we were able to look down at the lake in the middle of the crater.  There were gases coming out of the rocks along the trail, and down in the crater.  There is even an island in the middle of the crater.

Taal Volcano Crater with Lake and Mountains Behind

Taal Volcano Island

Tomorrow, I plan to go to Baguio for the weekend.

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  1. WOW...that's an amazing beautiful country!