Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gwomon Ministry-Fun

Last weekend I spent in a remote section of Gwomon.  I really like the area because it has so much wild and rugged terrain; big mountains, rivers (some which you drive through to get there), mud (in season), and few people scattered here and there.  Because of a death at the church where I was scheduled to go, we went to a different area.  The pastor there didn't have the full details.  He didn't know it was for the whole weekend (he thought it was Friday night only), and he didn't know the scope and effectiveness of my ministry.  He didn't know me.

Friday night we had a moderate turn out given the short notice given before the event. We walked out the road and back inviting people to come.  They were lamenting that they didn't have a megaphone, but the message was disseminated that James had arrived and we were going to show movies that night.  Some of the kids joined us in the announcement brigade.  One of them asked if I liked mango.  I said yes, and he said he would give me some. The next day he came carrying a bag full of beautiful mango Fransik for me.

Saturday morning we had a program just for kids; with singing and prayer done by the kids, as well as several movies with questions interspersed.  We included invitations for anyone to accept Christ too.  Nine of the children made the decision to follow Jesus after the first movie; Le Combat.  Two of the children that brought mango for me decided to accept Jesus too.  They gave Jesus their life, and me their mango.  What sacrificial giving!

Children's Program

After the morning program, the pastor invited everyone to go along for a dip in the swimin' hole.  We walked the long way so the kids could fetch some more mango from the trees along the way.  We all enjoyed mango and a nice swim.  It started on rain on the way back to the house.

Eating our Mango in the River

The weekend was coordinated by a pastor I met several years ago.  I always enjoyed ministering with him.  He is very small in stature, and I've given him the nickname "Little Zacchaeus".  Although his body is small, his heart is large.  When it was time for me to return home, we stopped at his house to drop him off.  He went to his garden and picked a whole bag full of fresh "greens" for me to take along home.  He and his wife have ten children; one of them is married and has a child that live with them too.  Certainly he needed that food to feed his family, but he knew that I liked them and wanted to share with me.  Let's learn to give gifts that count!

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  1. We sure enjoyed the good news of the week-end! We are rejoicing with you for the commitments made to follow Jesus!