Monday, May 14, 2012

Wycliffe - In Other Words

Wycliffe Bible Translators has started a game called "In Other Words" as a method of promoting their work and ministry and increasing understanding of the Bible translation process.

Living and working in a foreign country (Haiti) I have gained a special appreciation for the Bible being available in my heart language!  I'm confused by the continued usage of French in worship and personal study when the Bible is available in Haitian Creole. I think part of the problem is pride; showing off that they are educated and can read French.  Part of the problem is availability and financial restraints; it's easy to get Bibles and New Testaments in French and they cost less than Creole.  Part of the problem is few pastor training materials are available in Creole, so any pastor with a formal Bible education has studied in French.  Please pray for the expanded usage of Creole in Haitian worship services and that we will be changed from the washing of God's word in our heart language!

Remember to signup and play "In Other Words" and share the ongoing work of Wycliffe with others.

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  1. I understand your request as my church in Lynchburg has a similar mindset. Jesus says to go to all the nations. Our pastor has often defined a "nation" as people-groups, and people-groups are defined by language. For example, we have a significant commitment to Kazahkstan. Although most people in Kazahkstan speak Russian, our church has focused its efforts on those who natively speak Kazakh for the very same reason as in your request above. I will pray for the same to happen in Haiti. :-)