Saturday, March 17, 2012

Faith Baptist Church of Salas

Many of you have been praying for the construction project at the Faith Baptist Church of Salas.  Last weekend I was able to go to Salas to see the progress that has been made.  Most apparent is the physical construction. Check out these pictures that tell the story how a church that was damaged in hurricanes and earthquake has been rebuilt (at least mostly rebuilt).

Salas Church - Before
Salas Church - After
There is still a lot of work left to be done on the Salas church building.  There is still some block that needs to be laid, and a bond beam needs to be poured around the top of the walls.  The eves need to be blocked up.  The walls need to be parged, and the floor needs to be poured.  More benches are going to be necessary the way this church is growing!

To see this building at the top of a mountain (in Salas) is a feat in itself.  The church members had to carry tons of sand and rock because the dump-trucks can't make it to where the church is located.  It takes 4-wheel-drive to get there.

The church building is not the only place improvements are being made.  The mother church in Verettes has sent a pastor to help in the church leadership for a period of two years.  During this time, he will be mentoring the leaders in the zone to develop their knowledge, character and ability.  This also involves training seminars in Salas (which I presented two during the weekend) and others that the leaders go down the mountain to attend.

Students in my "Types of Evangelism" Seminar
We had a great outcome from the showing of True Security and True Forgiveness.  We had people make first-time decisions for Christ and re-dedications after both of these movies.


If you feel called to participate in meeting the physical church construction needs (or spiritual ones) please let me know.  They would be most thankful for a leg-up.  I pray that you will feel continually called to pray for the Salas Church, and my ministry here in Haiti.