Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dr Hatter Medical Mission Team

James wanted to use this picture because it's good of him... please ignore the fact that I (Bridgett) am apparently sleeping.

Dr. Hatter and Elaine with a Patient (Mme Rodrique)

Our medical team arrived here in Haiti Thursday evening.  We had good travel, but we did have a difficult time getting through customs with our fourteen suitcases of medication.  They wanted to look through a lot of the bags, and check expiration dates on the medications and had a lot of questions about what we were doing and what documentation we had with us.  Fortunately, we were able to get through with everything we brought.  Friday morning, we had our first clinic at Payen.  We saw about 150 patients who had a variety of complaints.  They had interesting ways of describing their ailments, and it was often challenging to try and interpret their symptoms.  The clinic was very organized and we were blessed with a delicious breakfast and lunch of rice and beans, bread, and chicken legs.  Saturday morning, we traveled by truck, boat, and foot to our clinic at LaRaquint.  Our medication suitcases were carried by motorcycle and mule, so we used many forms of transportation to get there.  We saw about 140 patients at this clinic.  We saw a lot of children with fungal skin infections and gave out a lot of the donated anti-fungal creams.  Your donations are greatly appreciated!  We got up this morning, had breakfast and watched an American church service on TV, and are getting ready to travel about four hours to Gilbert, for our clinic tomorrow morning.  Please pray for safe travel, good rest, and another successful clinic tomorrow.  We are having great fellowship and enjoying each others company.  Thank you for all the prayers, support, and love.  We are all healthy and happy and feeling your love from across the ocean.  Well, everyone but James is happy... he's still upset that Jenny left his double boiler in the States. :) 

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  1. Good Job, Bridgett! Thanks for the up-date!
    " A picture is worth a thousand words!"