Friday, January 27, 2012

Christian Film Festival (Joel's Perspective)

10,000 watch film at Second Anniversary January 12 marked the two-year anniversary of Haiti's killer quake. Our services drew thousands of survivors seeking spiritual and emotional healing from that tragic disaster. My commitment to minister began with a Christian film festival and mushroomed to preaching three consecutive nights. I invited American missionary writer and producer James Arbaugh to Port au Prince with two actors from his latest film. They were thrilled to be in the 'big" city; and stayed in our home for the premier of their film Real Forgiveness. Response to the movie was overwhelming and it was an honor to bless this fellow missionary.  

Thanks for a wonderful weekend! Thanks for all your help to make the Vrè Padon premiere a success! Thanks for taking such good care of us, running us up and down the mountain, and feeding us (especially for the green egg experience). My guys mentioned that if they lived with you, they would forget about their home. Thanks for the fellowship and advice in ministry! Thank you also for seeing that the DVD's get sent out to the TV stations. What a blessing for the nation! 

I will be providing a copy of this full-length movie to 100 local television stations that air La Bonne Nouvelle. It is one more tool of creative evangelism that fully explains the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and calls men to confess their sins. Winning Haiti for Christ is a team effort and we pray for and praise God for our team members like James! The first night of Quake Anniversary services brought over 10,000 people out to worship the Lord and glorify His name with their rededication. I preached in the Carrefour Soccer Stadium. Carrefour is the most heavily populated area of Port au Prince affected by the 7.0 quake.

Joel and Yvonne Trimble


  1. Dear "American missionary writer and producer"...I was so blessed by reading your blog telling of the Christian Film Festival.
    It is evident that God has His hand on you and your ministry! Only eternity will reveal the many souls that were saved from your film,"True Forgiveness"!

  2. James, congrats on the new film. We like reading about your success with the Quake Anniversary service in P-a-P