Friday, December 9, 2011

New House Inside Ready

The hospital has been asking me occasionally to move to another house. They wanted to close the section of houses where I lived in an attempt to save money. I used a technique I learned at LeTourneau University in cross-cultural orientation. Inaction. They kept offering me sub-par houses in poor locations with too close of neighbors. Finally they offered me Kay 64, and I took the dive and accepted the challenge of moving to a new house.

For me, moving to a new house was no small task. First off, I wanted the house to be as nice as the house where I lived previously. The house I had before was practically brand new. All of the other houses they offered (although bigger) were all run-down and in need of major repair work. I had a team in October/November (including my folks), who helped get the new house cleaned, window frames stripped of paint and stained. Jimmie (responsible for campus housing/construction/maintenance) sent crews to fix the leaky roof, paint, electrical rewiring and fix other various problems.

Secondly, I had a lot of "comfort conveniences" that needed to be moved. This included Maggie's radio fence, satellite dishes, water tanks, water filter, water heater, lights, etc. Moving has proved to be no small task, but it's completed. I've left Kay 104 on Saturday and have been at Kay 64 ever since. Although moved, I'm no where near unpacked. It's starting to get the feel of "home".

Living Room

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