Saturday, July 23, 2011

"True Forgiveness" Production

The shooting and editing of "True Forgiveness" is well underway.  The team from Eastern Mennonite University arrived with my brother on July 13th as planned.  We shot all of the scenes that take place in Port-au-Prince starting July 14th.  On Wednesday, July 20th, we took our sabbath.  We went to Boutilier, where the radio towers overlook Port-au-Prince. 

The Movie Crew
On Wednesday afternoon, we returned back to the house in Port-au-Prince, loaded up, and came back to my house in Deschapelles.  We spent the rest of this week doing rough edits of the scenes we shot in Port-au-Prince.  Today we're working on the rough edit of the last remaining scene.

If you care to follow the views of one of the crew, visit

Hopefully we'll have a trailer to post in the next few days.

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready to Shoot

I'm ready to head off to Port-au-Prince for the final practicing and then shooting of "True Forgiveness".

·         We’re completing the final preparations to shoot the new movie!  The following details have been resolved…
  • Actors have been found, and they are well underway on memorizing their parts.
  • Bunk beds in Deschapelles have been found and setup.
  • Special Effects are together for the gunshot. 
  • New vehicle is doing great!
  • My brother is coming to help shoot the new movie.
  • We have arrangements for a house to stay in in Port-au-Prince.
Prayer Requests:            
  • ·         Pray that the actors will take their practice/shoot times seriously; be there, and be on-time.
  • ·         Pray for the students who are coming to help with the new movie…
    •  Justin Roth
    •  Kelby Miller
    • Stephen Kniss
    •  Joaquin Sosa
·         Pray for all the details to be put into place for the new movie
  • A car to rent/borrow like in “True Security” in “like new” shape
  • Funding 
  •  Pray for victory in the unseen battle