Saturday, June 11, 2011

"True Forgiveness" Movie Practice

We have been working on "True Forgiveness" off-and-on since the completion of "True Security".  The script was written, then it sat stagnant for a year waiting for a movie crew to come available.  And for a new "main" actor to be found.  Starting last fall, we were promised the support of a team of media students from Eastern Mennonite University (EMU).  The adviser (Jerry Holsopple) has held up his end of the deal, and has recruited 4 excellent students to come help on the project this summer.  They are...
  • Justin Reuben Roth
  • Kelby Lynne Miller
  • Stephen Charles Kniss
  • Joaquin Carlos Sosa 
The movie author (Edner Fleuridor) and I have not been sitting idle.  In April, we had our casting call, and did actor auditions (interviews).  After choosing the new actors (and keeping a few of the old ones around), we distributed the scripts to the actors.  They started to memorize their parts so we could do actor practices.  In May and June was have been having regular actor practices, trying to ensure all of the actors know there parts.  Some have taken place in Port-au-Prince, and others have been done in Deschapelles.  

Prayer Time with Actors before Practice

Although we're running a little bit behind on fundraising, we continue to reimburse the actors for their transportation costs, as well as provide food/lodging for them during the practices.  Everyone who helps with this project does so on a volunteer basis; author, producer, director, actors, film crew, etc.

This has been a fun and exhausting project thus far, and we continue to trust the Lord to make our efforts into something that He can use to further His kingdom; enabling people to hear the gospel message in a contemporary format.