Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woman's Conference Team

After an exhausting and refreshing week, the team hosting woman's conferences has departed.  I took them back to the airport this morning.  We had a lovely time ministering to the woman of the Oasis of Faith Christian Church, and the Mennonite Churches.  A three-day conference was held at Maissade (near Hinche) for the Oasis of Faith ladies.  A one day conference was held in Payen (Liancourt) for the Mennonite ladies.

Oasis of Faith Christian Church Woman's Conference Attendees in Maissade

Below is a video clip of the 2011 Oasis of Faith Woman's Conference which was held it Maissade, Haiti. It shows the ladies worshiping the Lord in a new form.

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  1. It's evident these Ladies are having a GREAT time in their conference!