Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Travels and Teams

I'll have to put aside movies this weekend as I plan to attend the Fellowship Bible Church (FBC) World Outreach Weekend (WOW) in Longview, Texas.  This will be a special time to share with those interested in my ministry and catch-up with friendships from years past. Please pray for safety in travel and that God would call additional workers to the harvest field through these activities.

Two days after I return from Texas, I am scheduled to host a medical team from Virginia Mennonite Missions (VMM). We also plan to install windows in the Gilbert Church, and attempt to fix a pump at the Laraquint Church.

A little more than a week after the medical team departs, I have another team coming to serve by holding woman's conferences in Maissade and Liancourt.

Please pray for Rubens (my staff at the hospital) as he has to hold the fort down himself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Movie Trips, More Fun!

It's always fun going out to remote villages, setting up the big screen, and showing movies.  What's even more fun is to see the fruit of changed lives, especially those that make a decision to follow Christ.  It's also fun to hang out with the people, learn of their struggle for survival, and play with their kids.

Playing Frisbee
Arrested by a Kindergarten Cop!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movie Results - New Believers

Last weekend I went to Lonci, Las Callobas.  I stayed in Las Callobas (the town), and ever afternoon went out to a rural section called Lonci.  We showed moves on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night.  We had excellent turnout.  The Holy Spirit was also at work as we saw a whole crowd of kids and youth that decided to accept Christ!  The leaders divided the crowd up between those that already went to church somewhere, and those that were making a first time confession of faith.  There were 12 who made a first time decision to follow Christ.  It's always exciting to see fruit from my labor.  Even when there are no obvious signs, I trust God is doing something special in each of their lives.

New Believers in Christ
I was especially touched by a father who requested I take a picture of his three children that accepted Christ that night.  He wanted to remind them in the future of their decision to walk with the Lord that day!

Father with his 3 children that accepted Christ!
As I am out again this weekend, please remember to lift us up in your prayers!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Movie Night

Last Tuesday evening, we had a crowd of people at Miro to watch Le Combat and La Solution.  They seemed to really enjoy it.  The local pastor gave a compelling invitation.  They have asked me to come again to another nearby location.

Movie Night at Miro