Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomas and New Vehicle Work

Thanks to Tomas, we have had nice rain showers and cloudy weather for the past couple days.  We have had a few big thunderstorms too.  We are staying healthy, happy and mostly dry.

Tom Ames has been here since Wednesday, and we worked on the new vehicle the last two days.  So, what work do you need to do to a brand-new vehicle?  We've worked on the following...
  • Installed ARB Air Lockers in both front and rear differentials, including running the air lines and fixing leaks.
  • Replaced the suspension with heavy-duty suspension.  This included new ARB Dakar springs, shocks, shackles, pins, and steering stabalizer.
  • Finished the plumbing of the winch, installed the hydraulic filter, and tested it out.  I'm just about ready for some good mud!
  • Installed universal joint protectors in front and rear.
  • Installed skid-plate protecting the transfer-case and fuel tank.
Praise the Lord for the new vehicle and all of the upgrades we have been able to put on it.  Praise the Lord for Tom's willingness to help raise the funds, and help install the upgrades.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Maissade for the day to evaluate a church construction project.

Thanks for all your prayers!

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