Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home from Vacation

I have safely returned from vacation.  I really had a wonderful time with my father.  We were able to go many places, and see many things.  We tourist-ed in the USA, Turkey and Israel.  My highlights would be...

  • Visiting some of the towns of the 7-Churches that received letters in the book of Revelations.
  • Experiencing new/different foods - Spinach filled donuts and sheep bowel soup
  • Trying to communicate - "I want a cup of coffee with cream and sugar."
  • The genuine helpfulness of the "Turkeys" (people who live in Turkey).
  • Seeing the Sea of Galilee
  • Hope School
  • The Western Wall - Jerusalem
  • Seeing the birthplace of my Savior - Bethlehem
  • Shelter Hostel and Fellowship in Christ
James and Dad in Ephesus (Turkey)
Now, I guess it's time to get back to work in the office and try to catch up!

Monday, October 11, 2010

On Vacation

So, are you wondering why I haven't been answering emails lately?  Well, It's because I've been traveling.  I've gone on vacation.  I should be with my dad in Istanbul, Turkey right about now.  We plan to head towards Izmir to visit some of the sites of the 7-Churches in Revelations.  In a few days, we'll head to Israel, with hopes to see everything!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The "New Girl"

Well, the "New Girl" has been commissioned for God's work ahead of her.  Brother Manno came over Sunday afternoon and we had a special commissioning service to dedicate the new vehicle to the Lord.  It consisted of prayer and the reading of several Psalms, one for me, the driver (Psalms 61), and several for the vehicle.  Some read at the front of the vehicle, and some from the rear.  May the Lord go before me, and behind me, and all around!

Manno and the "New Girl"
Saturday was spent working on the new vehicle.  Yes, it's brand new, with less than 100 miles on it, and I'm working on it already!  OK, so I wasn't fixing something that had broken.  Rather I was doing "plastic surgery", a face lift.  This "plastic surgery" involved removing the plastic bumper and replacing it with something worthy!  I had special ordered an ARB winch bar from Australia, through Washington state, through Miami.  It arrived in the hospital container a few weeks ago, and I had already mounted the winch in it.  ARB said the bumper would not work with a hydraulic winch, but everything has bolted up without modification!  The winch is a Mile Marker, 12,000 pound, hydraulic winch.  This should pull me out quick and effortlessly (including the turning of a few heads as folks watch).   The "Old Beast" had a 10,000 pound electric winch that frequently strained to get the job done.  It should be a breeze for this horse.  Watch out mud holes, here I come!

Her Face Lift
The winch bar came designed for the 70-Series Land Cruiser (this model), including a place to mount the winch.  But, it didn't have a provision for a receiver (hitch).  Some people want to use a front receiver for mounting a removable winch (like I did on the "Old Beast"), but for this vehicle, I wanted it to be able to carry a cargo basket in the front.  This adds a place to strap on an additional 350 pounds of cargo, that's not on the roof where it's top heavy.  Adding the receiver required minor modification to the winch bar, but nothing I couldn't do with a welder, grinder and a Sawzall.  I made this a priority since the vehicle didn't come with a roof rack as planned.  This way I'll be more capable to host the next team that visits if the roof rack hasn't arrived by then.

Winch Bar with Receiver Holding Cargo Basket
  I also started work to install the ARB Air Lockers.  I've got the interior work completed.  This involved mounting switches, shortening the wiring harness and routing it into place, and making electrical connections to ignition and dash lights.  I also mounted the air compressor, and connected the solenoids which control the air lockers.  I've also got an air hose to be able to put air in the tires.

The "New Girl" Looking More Worthy
What a blessing!  Thank you Lord for making it all possible!