Monday, August 30, 2010

Beautiful Ministry at Dos Pilon

Last weekend I was privileged to minister at the top of a mountain in the Central Plateau.  It was a wonderful time of ministry and to experience the love of our brothers and sisters in Christ!  We gained 4 new sisters in Christ there!

View From The Top Of The Mountain
Unfortunately my portable media player fried.  I preached instead of showing additional films the first night.  Everyone seemed satisfied, although we were all a little bit dissapointed.  Andre came and brought a DVD player the next night so the show could go on.

When I came home, I ordered a replacement portable media player, and it's nearly to Virginia, where my brother will hand-carry it into Haiti for me soon.


  1. Haiti has so many beautiful places and this picture is certainly one of them.

    Praising God,with you,for the 3 people who made decisions to follow Christ.
    Thanks for being faithful and introducing them to Jesus!

  2. Excuse me... In re-reading it, I see it was 4 new believers! "Better yet"