Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well Rig Team Update

Sunday was an exciting day of worshiping with the people of Deschappelles.  This photo illustrates a crowd of people waiting anxiously for the sun to set low enough to see James' films Le Combat and True Security on the projector screen we set up.  The evening was perfect for drawing a large group of people in the make-shift outdoor theatre.  The evening was spent together watching films about Jesus and His teachings.  The space was full of eager excitement- many people even assembled in the streets. 

People Waiting to Start the Films

We estimated that 350 people were in attendance to hear the message.  During an intermission between the films, Joe gave a short sermon.  During this time, 20-30 people came to the front of the audience and committed their lives to Christ.  It was an electrifying!

Well Drill Repair

One of the objectives of our time here was to do significant work on a well drilling rig, which upon its restoration to the fine running machine it once was, will be used to provide fresh artesian water to people in Haitian refugee camps.  Joe, James, Michael, some nice folks from HAS, and I were able to get a lot accomplished.  In this photo, James is grinding a gear off of a shaft that is the beginning of the intricate system of gears that help to operate the rig.  Joe is providing support by keeping the gear assembly stationary.  In addition to the getting several gears changed or re-worked, were were able to get the brakes working properly.  Turn signals were also installed (Michael noted that they stand out because they're obviously new- and on a 1960's model truck).  We were able to make lots of progress on the rig this week.  With a few more hours of love and sweat, it should be working like a top!  

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