Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well Drill Progress

The guys (Joe and team) continue to work on the well drill.  They have made several significant strides forward.  They have...

1.) Got the engine in the truck running
2.) Got the engine on the well drill running
3.) Replaced some gears and bushing on the well drill (the ones to raise the mast)
4.) Straightened a mast support arm
5.) Rebuilt the truck brake master cylinder
6.) Went to St Marc and bought brake lines, turn signals and filters
7.) HAS found the original paperwork for the well drill truck (Good news; it was marked as private, and perhaps we won't have to pay the initial tax from importing it.)
8.) Got a letter of sale from the Hospital Albert Schweitzer business office
9.) Got the key for the truck
10.) Swam in the pool

They are working on the following...
1.) Replacing the brake flex lines on the truck
2.) Starting to renew/transfer the truck paperwork (Joe went to St Marc this morning)
3.) Cleaning the diesel fuel filter and fresh diesel fuel to diagnose/solve why the engine cut off yesterday

This afternoon we plan to meet up with Pastor Rodrique to go to a church across the river to show films.  This is not Delonye, but another place.  We will go via Pointe Sonde.

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement.

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