Friday, July 23, 2010

Haitian Auto-Garage (Joe working on the brake master cylinder)

We arrived here in Haiti on Wednesday, July 21 and our adventure began in P-AU-P where we met one of Joe's buddies to take us to his jeep. After we finally got the jeep running we went into town and began shopping for needed supplies for the well drilling rig and some groceries for when we got to James' house. I got to experience how money is exchanged in Haiti by watching Joe find a guy on the street while we were in the back of a truck ridding through town. I'm not sure what happened but Joe was not pleased with what the first guy had to offer so he found another man that gave him more for his money. After we had our supplies we began our 4 hour trip through the country and over the mountain to Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) and where James' home is close by. About half way up the mountain we noticed we had gotten a flat tire and had to pull off the road to put on the spare. While we were fixing it a near by family came out to inspect what our problem was and to try and help us. The people were very friendly and very helpful. Joe thought it would be funny to get me and Micah involved with the people so he told the oldest boy there, who knew a little English to arm wrestle me. Well he was fairly strong but not strong enough and I beat him, but after I had beaten him, his father wanted to challenge me. At first i was like "oh great, this should be fun" but I thought I would give it a shot and so I beat him too. After we had gotten to James' it was late so we just had dinner sat around for a bit then called it a night. On our 2nd day we got a tour of HAS and spoke with the director, Ian. Joe got some news that he wasn't planning on getting, but it was still good and so we worked on the rig most of the day, and once we had done what we could that day, we ended it like day 1 with a good dinner and some much needed rest.

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