Monday, July 12, 2010

Films in Bombardopolis

I returned yesterday from a long weekend trip (starting Thursday) to the far North West of Haiti.

I got to see some beautiful sites.  This included the mountains and the sea.  And the nine people that gave their lives to Christ, and the two people that rededicated their lives.

It was a long and tiring drive.  Everything went well on the 8 hour drive (one way) of about 100 miles.  The old truck made the trip without hesitation!  It even drove down to La Platforme (where my brother Joe used to live).  This was the first time I ever drove there.  They have just built a new road, and I needed to try it out.  I am praying this will be the last long trip for the old Beast.

Please pray the new vehicle arrives as planned (probably early August), and the accessories also finish showing up about the same time.

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