Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dubreuil Spring Capping Project

If you noticed my reply to email was slow the past couple weeks, let me simply say I was having fun with teams.  It truly was a blessing to have my dad and mom come for a visit to Haiti.  That was followed by a team from Fellowship Bible Church in Longview, TX. 

The first challenge of the trip was getting the materials on-site.  I decided to go up two days before the team so I could take it slow with a HEAVY load of pipe, and then go make sure all of the other materials and last minute details of preparation were already taken care of before the team's arrival.  Thursday was a national holiday so it make it convenient to take the extra time for these tasks.  The team arrived according to plan (a few hours later than expected) on Saturday.

Unloading the Pipe

The main goal of the Dubreuil team was to cap a spring and pipe the water down to the village.  This was a monster task that God saw through to completion ahead of schedule.  Monday was the first work day, and we got the old spring caps tied together (with provision for the new spring cap to connect), and water running down into the old cistern.

The remaining days included finishing the new spring cap, and connecting it into the system, running the pipe the rest of the way to the village, digging, more digging, and then some more digging to run the pipe.  We also got the old shower house and sinks and water fountains all working.  This included some major work to unplug the drains, and some of the old water supply pipes too.  You would be surprised what makes it into pipes to plug them up.

The secondary goal of the team was to have a marriage seminar, and VBS for the children, and to participate in revival services each evening.  It was a fun and busy time for all!

James Accepting his Appreciation Gift (a delicious pineapple)

Thanks for your prayers for that project.  Know that God was listening and answered without hesitation.