Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out on the lake at Roche Mulatre

I had a marvelous time at Roche Mulatre this past weekend.  I drove to Peligre, and parked the truck.  Then we got in a little motor boat, and crossed the lake with the film equipment.  Then we loaded the film equipment into a dugout log.  The folks from the church paddled the log up the river fighting the current.  Those of us that could walk, hiked over the mountain to Roche Mulatre.  Because the rains are late coming this year, the lake was very low, and just a river at some places.

On Saturday morning I hiked over the mountain towards Las Calbase. It was a hot, grueling, sunny, scenic hike.  I went along with some friends to meet Brother Andre.  Because the lake was low, they had him hike in this way.  Normally he would have come up on a motor boat and/or log.

James on the Top of the Mountain With the Dry Lake in the Background

We showed films on Friday night, Saturday afternoon for the kids, and Saturday night.  On Saturday night after films I taught some of them how to play “Capture the Flag.”  It was fun, except the Haitian variety of the game involves throwing rocks.  Fortunately nobody was hurt!

On Sunday, when we left Roche Mulatre, I decided to attempt swimming/floating down the river rather than climbing over the mountain.  It was a daring venture.  The scary part was getting out into the river.  It required crawling through deep mud for about 30 feet.  I was afraid I was going to get stuck a couple times.  Fortunately I made it through to the river.  I was exhausted by then.  After that I floated and swam (when I had enough energy) down the river.  I must have gone a kilometer.  I couldn’t go ashore because of all the mud along the bank.  I went down far enough and there was eventually a rock sticking out in the water, and I was able to climb up it, and catch the foot trail the rest of the way.  Had I got in trouble, the dugout log was coming behind me, and I could maybe have caught a ride.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of some very special folks coming.  My mom and dad are scheduled to arrive here this Friday.  I’m really looking forward to their time here.  It’s been a long time since they have been to Haiti!  My brother Joe and some other friends will be along, but will go their separate directions shortly thereafter.

Thanks again for your continued prayers!  God is listening!