Monday, April 19, 2010

Team Updates

I've occupied my time recently with two teams; a big, long one and a little, short one.  The big, long team was made up of six women from Canada.  They came to present a woman's conference for the Oasis of Faith Christian Church and the Artibonite/Plato Central VMM churches.  There were nearly 100 women present at the conference, including some ladies from the local area.  The meetings were held in Deschapelles at the La Foi Apostolik church.  The craft/skill portion of the conference this year was sewing.  They split the group into two and simultaneously taught one group how to do embroidery and the other group was taught how to sew using hand-crank sewing machines. 

 Mme Alberoi Learning How To Sew

The foreign ladies camped out at my house.  They even decorated my house, including special ornaments; like sweaty bras hung to dry.  I joked with the Haitian pastors that I would give them the easy job, of hosting the 100 Haitian ladies, and I would do the hard job of hosting the 6 foreigners.  It was a challenging and fun time at the bachelor pad.

James Having Lunch With The Woman's Team

The second and shorter, smaller team was made up of Mike and Linwood from Virginia.  They came to visit with me this past weekend.  The hospital provided transportation out to HAS and back to Port-au-Prince again, taking an additional responsibility off of my hands.  They arrived on Friday evening, and left this morning.  On Saturday they helped me weld my winch bracket back in place that had broken while getting unstuck during the ladies team after a big truck ran me into the ditch.  While I was welding the bracket back in place, I accidentally struck the radiator with the back of the welding torch, where the plastic insulation was broken off.  This burn a whole in the radiator and the water leaked out.  We soldered it the best we could, and then put a JB Weld blow-out patch over the hole.  It held together for going to show films that night, and will hopefully last many more miles too.  On Sunday we went to the local church, rested and went swimming in the hospital pool.  In my opinion it's still a little too cold for swimming, but they thought it was perfect temperature!

Thanks for your continued prayers!  Know that God is listening!

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