Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ministry Team Update

Well everyone slept super well last night with an emphasis on "well" as they dug a well yesterday to at least 16 ft. They were exhausted an quite a sight. We women did the Haitian thing and sat in the shade. We walked the village to advertise the film to be shown in the evening and the people were curious about us. As the evening drew near some guys kept digging and the rest of us set up the movie. We have learned to be good "roadies" working together with help from the Haitians. Everyone seemed to raise their hands when Salik invited them to come and pray. It was a wonderful evening under the makers stars with a nice (strong at times) wind. We had military rations for dinner and we all attest to the fact that our soldiers eat pretty well. We all enjoyed the variety. It was fun! Today we head out to Leogane where we will "play it again Sam" this has been so rewarding. Is it not just like our Lord to send us to bless others and then just bless greatly? Our God is an AWESOME God! He is in control. Pease keep praying people are being renewed and refreshed. We are all well and can't wait to share more when we get home. In His Perfect Will, Janice

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