Friday, February 19, 2010

Medical team update-Very productive days

We have had two days of clinic now, and just figured out how to update the blog (James isn't here to babysit us). We saw 135 patients yesterday, and 131 today. About 5-10% are earthquake related conditions, with the rest being "business as usual". In the spirit of Christ, we have been able to minister to body and spirit.
We are all healthy, and getting along well. Except for insect bites, there have been no maladies on the team. And, we saw American Airlines flying out today! Virginia Mennonite Missions switched so that we could fly out of Port Au Prince next week, so it was a welcome sound and sight to see and hear that jet taking off!
We are all very blessed to be in service here to God's people, the Haitians. We look forward to the work days ahead. Thank you for your prayers!

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