Saturday, February 13, 2010

Medical Team Update 2/13/10

Yesterday was the last clinic for our team. It was a meaningful day for all of us, as it was the one month anniversary of the earthquake. The Haitians responded to a governmental call to fasting and prayer, so we were not as busy as we had been. However, we were very glad that God had us in that place at that time; one of our young patients, a 10 year old boy named Lucas was being physically abused by his adoptive father, and one of the triage nurses discovered physical evidence of this abuse. We called together the pastor and several community leaders, along with Joe, and were able to put a protective plan in place for him and his sisters. The community leaders will be checking on this family regularly and we are hopeful that this will prevent future abuse. We also went downtown near the fallen palace to commemorate the anniversary with the Haitians. They had a large prayer and worship event with thousands gathered in the streets, and we were surrounded by voices praising God. Even though we didn't understand the words, the hope and passion in the voices was tremendously humbling and inspiring. Today, we are organizing and restocking medicines and supplies for the next team. We can't believe our two weeks is almost finished- we hope and pray the next team has as moving an experience here as we have. So often we engage in missions work expecting those we serve to be most changed, and yet so often, we are the ones truly blessed.

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