Friday, February 12, 2010

Medical Team 2 Update: (By Micah)

Medical clinics continue to be well recieved in the communities that we visit. Many of these communities have recieved no medical care since the earthquake, and they are very thankful to have the opportunity to see a doctor. We continue to improvise as needed - yesterday, we went out expecting to be working in an established hospital in Bon Repos, and ended up a mile or two from there under the trees. Working here demands a high level of flexibility, but we are happy to be used where most needed. We are headed out to Bon Repos again today, as there seemed to be great need, and will set up (hopefully) in a church building there. The health of the team is holding steady - other than some coughing due to dust and pollution, and minor gastrointestinal upset here and there, we are all in good health and good spirits. We are praising God for his provision and strength! We are also eagerly anticipating cool sheets and hot showers upon our return to the states. We all miss our families terribly, but are thankful for the new friends God has given us, both Haitian and American.


  1. Anxious for my mother to return! We've been surviving the blizzard here in VA without her, but glad to hear all is well and await the team's return next week.

  2. I worked with Joe & Sharon, a long time ago there,...wish I could be there so much,....but getting the word out to nurse friends to come & help out. One has just applied through VMM :) Praying for you all !!!! Nancy Speigle