Monday, February 1, 2010

Medical Team # 1 Update

Medical Team # 1 is doing OK today. Laurie has a belly ache, but everyone else is doing fine!  They were hard at work on Delmas 33 today.

Mobile Clinic at a Tent City on Delmas 33

Tomorrow the team plans to have clinic at Nazon on Ruite Barthoy at the Baptist Redemption Church.


  1. I am having trouble finding an email address with which to contact Missionary James. I've been following this blog and praying for you and Haiti. I would like to know how we can help and pray for you.

    Our church supports Haitian ministers near Port-au-Prince, and a small group is landing in Haiti shortly. We are praying for a safe and productive trip.

  2. Dear Anonymous! Thanks so much for your prayer and interest! My contact information is as follows...

    Email: james at
    Phone: 011-509-3465-5312
    Skype: arbaughj (sometimes)