Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kurt's Ministry Team Update

This morning as I listened to the medical team leave for the day and hearing their laughter and seeing the unity of their spirits, made me realize that though they came to bless others, they themselves are also being blessed with joy. And so are we! Last night, we had the privilege of ministering in Carrefour. We set up the film screen in the middle of the street with damaged buildings on either side. People were carrying on their everyday lives right where we set up. They actually had church pews that they pulled onto the street to sit on, resembling an outdoor theater. There were at least 200 people there under a beautiful, clear, starry night. Fifty percent were children! The neighborhood seemed a little tougher and more secluded than some of our previous places. They seemed to have had less exposure to the gospel. There was a group of young guys asking many questions about God and the Bible. It was a good night. Continue to pray for the Haitian people as all have been affected by the earthquake and they are hungry for the truth of God.

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