Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kurt’s Ministry Team Update

Cite Militaire – Last night we were honored to spend time showing the films to around 200 people in this area.  Of course the audience loved pastor Alberois performance, at times laughing and at other times becoming very quiet and serious.

The medical team has been very busy but they are holding up well.
We had a team member who needed a small surgery due to a cyst on her tailbone. She is doing fine and your prayers will be appreciated.
James vehicle is doing fine even though it really is on it's last leg. We hear God is going to bless him with a new one!
I have to say that this is a very organized team group. James and Joe really know what they are doing. It is in times such as this that we get to see all of their hard work paying off.
Tonight we will be showing the films in Carrefour. It is so exciting to anticipate what God will do there. He has answered so many prayers already and we just keep asking for more.

Day 7 here in Haiti is going to be a blessing for this team and to those who are reaching out for more than crumbs. We can feast at the table with Him and that kind of food goes a long way.

In His Love,
Janice and Team

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