Wednesday, February 17, 2010

James to Santo Domingo

I´m safely to Santo Domingo. I´ve checked into the Hotel Don Bien Eme. (They took the sign down so my spelling might be off.) I´ve got a nice private room with my own toilet and water spigot. Pretty nice for 250 pesos. I´ve got a taxi driver scheduled for tomorrow morning at 5AM to take me to the airport for $20 US.


  1. Hello,

    This is for Joe Arbaugh. I don't have an email address for him, but hope this might somehow find its way to him.....

    With your help I managed to get the tuberculosis hospital registered with PAHO and on the WWW list. Thank you very much. I have had to return to the States for a short time, but plan on returning in March. If you happen to hear of 2-3 tents being available for a public hospital, I would rally appreciate you putting in a word for the Sanatorium.

    Thanks Joe.

    Nathan Lake, RN

  2. you're such a bargain