Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haiti Infrastructure and Last Night's Rain

Although the need is great in Port-au-Prince, it is also putting a great deal of strain on the rest of the country.  They say half of the inhabitants of Port-au-Prince have fled to the countryside, which is stressing the infrastructure there.  I had a friend call me to verify there were a thousand quake victims in Deschapelles.  He thought the number was outrageous.  I can believe there are a thousand new faces or old faces that I haven't seen in a while that are in Deschapelles. Although the damage is primarily in the Port-au-Prince area, the “aftershock” of displaced persons is effecting the whole country.  This is stressing everything, food production, medical care, potable water, police force, etc.

It rained last night.  As I was laying in my nice warm bed in my house that was left shaken but undamaged by the earthquake, I thanked the Lord for his many blessings.  And I prayed for the rain to continue so the country can produce the food they need in their gardens.  I also prayed for the people in the make-shift tent villages that they would somehow be protected from it.  Maybe it didn’t even rain there.  You can pray too!

It sometimes brings me to tears to see this country continually get beaten down; political instability, hurricanes, floods, and now this earthquake.  Even though all of these bad things continually happen to the Haitian people, they are incredibly resilient, and continue to Praise the Name of the LORD!

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