Friday, February 26, 2010

Dr Hatter's Medical Team and Joe Depart

The final medical team that was here to assist after the earthquake crisis is waiting for their delayed flight at the Port-au-Prince airport.  They have packed up left over supplies for storage for the next medical team.  It sounds like they all had a really good time.

After several weeks, Joe (my brother) is also departing Haiti.  It was a lot of fun working together here!  I look forward to his future return; for short or long term.

I plan to go to Port-au-Prince tomorrow to finish packing up the team house and pick up my film equipment and truck.  I plan to return to my normal rural film showing schedule. I'm anxious to see if folks will be extra open to the Gospel in the countryside like they were in the city.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

James Safely Home

I've safely returned home after a long and tiring trip to Texas.  I had a wonderful time, and was able to give folks there a real glimpse of what it's like here in Haiti.  I left my truck with the medical team, and hope to go pick it up this weekend.

The current medical team (Dr Hatter's) is doing OK.  Joe was feeling sick today, and slept most of the day.  He was up and at the airport to meet me when I arrived though!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Revival Generation Outpouring TV Interview

Did you miss my interview on the The Revival Generation Outpouring Television Show last night? If you did, or if you want to watch it again, you can watch it online at...

I'm also on the front page of Brad Huddleston's site...

The missions conference at Fellowship Bible Church continues to go well and to be a time of encouragement, refreshing and growth.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Medical team update-Very productive days

We have had two days of clinic now, and just figured out how to update the blog (James isn't here to babysit us). We saw 135 patients yesterday, and 131 today. About 5-10% are earthquake related conditions, with the rest being "business as usual". In the spirit of Christ, we have been able to minister to body and spirit.
We are all healthy, and getting along well. Except for insect bites, there have been no maladies on the team. And, we saw American Airlines flying out today! Virginia Mennonite Missions switched so that we could fly out of Port Au Prince next week, so it was a welcome sound and sight to see and hear that jet taking off!
We are all very blessed to be in service here to God's people, the Haitians. We look forward to the work days ahead. Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

James on the AZT Television Network

Coming up This Weekend on The Revival Generation Outpouring:
James Arbaugh, Missionary to Haiti

We've all seen the devastation of the recent earth earthquake in Haiti. This weekend we'll have a first hand update from Haiti when Missionary James Arbaugh joins Brad Huddleston on The Revival Generation Outpouring Television show. The show airs on the AZT Network Saturday at 8:00 pm and is repeated Sunday at 11:00 pm. The show is also available here at 24/7 so be sure to visit us this weekend if you're unable to catch this episode on television.

James has arrived early in Longview

After a grueling trip across the Dominican Republic by bus, and some early flights I have safely arrived in Longview, Texas, about 5 hours ahead of schedule.  I'm looking forward to an exciting time of ministry at the Fellowship Bible Church World Outreach Weekend.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

James to Santo Domingo

I´m safely to Santo Domingo. I´ve checked into the Hotel Don Bien Eme. (They took the sign down so my spelling might be off.) I´ve got a nice private room with my own toilet and water spigot. Pretty nice for 250 pesos. I´ve got a taxi driver scheduled for tomorrow morning at 5AM to take me to the airport for $20 US.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medical team arrival

We left Santo Domingo sharply (almost, but close enough) at 10 am, and arrived in Port Au Prince at about 4:20 pm. The trip was long but pretty comfortable, and we were picked up by Joe and John. We have spent the evening getting settled in at the guest house, and will get to work tomorrow.
I think we all expected to to see immediate devestation as soon as we arrived, but it hasn't been that way. We have seen buildings damaged and down, but we won't see the brunt of the damage until traveling farther in. Life here seems like it is compensating for the disaster. Traffic is moving, places are open, and people are living.

Home from Airport

After waiting several hours, and them taking passengers before and after me in the line, they finally came and said there were no more seats on tonights plane.  I plan to travel to the Dominican Republic via public bus early tomorrow morning, and hope to catch a flight from Santo Domingo to the United States.

Off to the Airport

I'm off to the airport in Port-au-Prince.  I checked this morning and there is a chance that I can get on a US military humanitarian evaquation flight.  They said it could leave anytime between 5 and 10 PM.  They don't know where it's to arrive in the US yet.  I'll post more news when I know more; probaby on the other side of the sea.  I'm planning to go to Texas to the Fellowship Bible Church World Outreach Weekend.

Kurt's Ministry Team

We had an awesome time of ministry with Kurt's team. We showed films all over Port-au-Prince.  We also showed films a couple nights in the surrounding areas.  Last night was a historic moment!  Actually this whole past week has been a historic time for this country.  It started by three days of national fast.  The majority of Haitians humbled themselves and prayed and worshiped God during this time.  The second monumental event was our ability to show films at Champ de Mars, right in front of the crumpled national palace.  What made this even extremely extraordinary was the night that we were able to show films and preach there.  It was during Carnival.  This is a holiday which typically involves loud bands, alcohol and sex.  The Champ Mars area is generally full of these activities on Carnival.  Not this year.  God has changed the sinful traditions of Carnival into a day of fasts and film showing in front of the National Palace.  There were hundreds of people that were present and received a touch from the Lord!

 Preaching and Film in front of the National Palace

I dropped off Kurt's team at the bus station this morning.  They are traveling via Capital Coach Lines to Santo Domingo.  They should arrive at 4:00PM Dominican Republic time.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ministry Team Update

Well everyone slept super well last night with an emphasis on "well" as they dug a well yesterday to at least 16 ft. They were exhausted an quite a sight. We women did the Haitian thing and sat in the shade. We walked the village to advertise the film to be shown in the evening and the people were curious about us. As the evening drew near some guys kept digging and the rest of us set up the movie. We have learned to be good "roadies" working together with help from the Haitians. Everyone seemed to raise their hands when Salik invited them to come and pray. It was a wonderful evening under the makers stars with a nice (strong at times) wind. We had military rations for dinner and we all attest to the fact that our soldiers eat pretty well. We all enjoyed the variety. It was fun! Today we head out to Leogane where we will "play it again Sam" this has been so rewarding. Is it not just like our Lord to send us to bless others and then just bless greatly? Our God is an AWESOME God! He is in control. Pease keep praying people are being renewed and refreshed. We are all well and can't wait to share more when we get home. In His Perfect Will, Janice

Medical Team Update 2/13/10

Yesterday was the last clinic for our team. It was a meaningful day for all of us, as it was the one month anniversary of the earthquake. The Haitians responded to a governmental call to fasting and prayer, so we were not as busy as we had been. However, we were very glad that God had us in that place at that time; one of our young patients, a 10 year old boy named Lucas was being physically abused by his adoptive father, and one of the triage nurses discovered physical evidence of this abuse. We called together the pastor and several community leaders, along with Joe, and were able to put a protective plan in place for him and his sisters. The community leaders will be checking on this family regularly and we are hopeful that this will prevent future abuse. We also went downtown near the fallen palace to commemorate the anniversary with the Haitians. They had a large prayer and worship event with thousands gathered in the streets, and we were surrounded by voices praising God. Even though we didn't understand the words, the hope and passion in the voices was tremendously humbling and inspiring. Today, we are organizing and restocking medicines and supplies for the next team. We can't believe our two weeks is almost finished- we hope and pray the next team has as moving an experience here as we have. So often we engage in missions work expecting those we serve to be most changed, and yet so often, we are the ones truly blessed.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kurt's Ministry Team Update

We're on CNN! Here's the link to the clip: I couldn't get it to link, so you'll have to type it into your web browser.

Medical Team 2 Update: (By Micah)

Medical clinics continue to be well recieved in the communities that we visit. Many of these communities have recieved no medical care since the earthquake, and they are very thankful to have the opportunity to see a doctor. We continue to improvise as needed - yesterday, we went out expecting to be working in an established hospital in Bon Repos, and ended up a mile or two from there under the trees. Working here demands a high level of flexibility, but we are happy to be used where most needed. We are headed out to Bon Repos again today, as there seemed to be great need, and will set up (hopefully) in a church building there. The health of the team is holding steady - other than some coughing due to dust and pollution, and minor gastrointestinal upset here and there, we are all in good health and good spirits. We are praising God for his provision and strength! We are also eagerly anticipating cool sheets and hot showers upon our return to the states. We all miss our families terribly, but are thankful for the new friends God has given us, both Haitian and American.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kurt's Ministry Team Update

This morning as I listened to the medical team leave for the day and hearing their laughter and seeing the unity of their spirits, made me realize that though they came to bless others, they themselves are also being blessed with joy. And so are we! Last night, we had the privilege of ministering in Carrefour. We set up the film screen in the middle of the street with damaged buildings on either side. People were carrying on their everyday lives right where we set up. They actually had church pews that they pulled onto the street to sit on, resembling an outdoor theater. There were at least 200 people there under a beautiful, clear, starry night. Fifty percent were children! The neighborhood seemed a little tougher and more secluded than some of our previous places. They seemed to have had less exposure to the gospel. There was a group of young guys asking many questions about God and the Bible. It was a good night. Continue to pray for the Haitian people as all have been affected by the earthquake and they are hungry for the truth of God.

Medical Team #2 Update

We spent yesterday in a tent city that has received very little, if any, aid. There was very little clean water available for the inhabitants. We gave out a lot of rehydration salts with clean water for babies and kids that were dehydrated. We continue to appreciate our nights where we can process and take a deep breath.  Keep praying!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kurt’s Ministry Team Update

Cite Militaire – Last night we were honored to spend time showing the films to around 200 people in this area.  Of course the audience loved pastor Alberois performance, at times laughing and at other times becoming very quiet and serious.

The medical team has been very busy but they are holding up well.
We had a team member who needed a small surgery due to a cyst on her tailbone. She is doing fine and your prayers will be appreciated.
James vehicle is doing fine even though it really is on it's last leg. We hear God is going to bless him with a new one!
I have to say that this is a very organized team group. James and Joe really know what they are doing. It is in times such as this that we get to see all of their hard work paying off.
Tonight we will be showing the films in Carrefour. It is so exciting to anticipate what God will do there. He has answered so many prayers already and we just keep asking for more.

Day 7 here in Haiti is going to be a blessing for this team and to those who are reaching out for more than crumbs. We can feast at the table with Him and that kind of food goes a long way.

In His Love,
Janice and Team

Medical Team # 2 Update

We returned last night from a couple days in Leogane, an area along the coast. We spent the night in a field, and the stars were amazing. Our VMM Haiti Program Management Group (PMG) pastor friend Enoch hosted us.  He is a dear, long time member of our mission direction committee whose house was destroyed. The first day we held a small clinic for his village/community.  We took care of several patients who had lost children in the quake, which was heartbreaking. That evening, we went to New Mission on the coast a couple of miles away and picked up food and water rations and face masks. Yesterday, we worked outside of a tent city nearby and held clinic for most of the day- we were fortunate to have some shade from trees. The truck’s axle broke, but Joe managed to get it fixed quickly, and pastor Enoch rented a tap-tap (taxi) and we caravanned for the couple of hours back home. In spite of the heat, we are doing well and greatly appreciate your prayer support.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ministry Team Update

Last night we were awestruck by God as he showed us the people of Haiti and the hearts that are yearning for healing and restoration. We laid hands on the sick, encouraged those who were mourning the loss of family and presented Christ with 3of James films.Salik preached with LOVE and Authority and the Holy Spirit brought heaven to earth with new believers making life changing decisions.
Tent city was a perfect place for Jesus to walk and call people to himself. Being there was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. These are good people and God is a good God.
In His Love,

The Tent City Where We Showed Films Last Night

Monday, February 8, 2010

Medical Team # 2 - Update

It's another busy clinic day.  Please remember to pray for Medical Team # 2 as they take care of the aches and pains of the displaced earthquake refugees.

Elaine and Dr Alderfer at Work

Medical Team 2 Update

Greetings from Port au Prince! Just a quick note to say that we are doing well- we are all healthy, and really appreciating that we can process and pray through what we are seeing together. We worked in a tent city of 30,000 people on Saturday, and saw about 200 patients in the hours that we were there. We enjoyed church yesterday. We will be working in a village near Leogane today and then another tent city tomorrow. It is fulfilling work and we are working well together as a medical team. Thanks for your prayers!!

Vrè Padon - Creole Text

A Short Evangelistic Film for Haiti in Creole
Running Time: 45 Minutes (Max 60 Minutes)
Produced By Missionary James Productions
Script by Edner Fleuridor (Version 1.1)
Aprè Fritznel fin konvèti li te toujou ap pran ti plezil ak zanmil yo nan bann rara paske fwal pat'ko grandi. Li fè yon vizyon li sonje lè li tap priye pou li te resevwa Jezi. Pandan lap danse konsyans li frapel, epi li fè yon ti reflechi li sispann danse, moun yo te kontinye ap frapel, yon ti tan aprè li retire kòl.
tit yo
Lap prezante tit fim nan avèk aktè prensipal yo.
Missionary James Productions ap prezante, Augustin Alberoi kòm Jose Francois, Cajuste Watson kòm Fritznel nan fim Vrè Padon.  Direktè e Pwodiktè James Arbanugh, Moun ki ekri tèks la Edner Fleuridor.
 nan plaj avèk baz la
Lè Baz la rive nan Plaj la avèk Fanm yo,yo kontwole Kòb bagay yo te vòlè kay Jose yo epi yo patajel pou chak moun pran pa yo. Fritznel refize pran pal la.  Yo kòmanse santi Fritznel vle trayi yo. Fritznel ap karese ak fanm li pandan yap benyen ansanm. Yon sèl kou Fritznel vin tris. Li retire kòl nan dlo a epi li pran ti radyol pou fè yon ti mizik, Fritznel al tonbe sou yon stasyon kap fè emisyon evagelik kote li te tande yap pale de repantans. Li al priye Bondye poul mandel padon ak fòs.
Vòlè 1  

Mesye nou gen yon bagay serye poun jere. Medam nou mèt poze nou nan plaj la, nap vini kounye a.         
 Madamn yo deplase.          
Mwen we nou toujou woule machin nou te vòlè a, eske nou poko fè fo papye a?
Mwen te al kote yon raketè, li mande twòp kòb paske li konnen machin nan se yon machin vòl.
Vòlè 1
Mesye nou pral separe Kòb la fòs pou fòs. Men sèlman map gen yon ti bagay an plis. Paske m'travay di poun gen kòb sa.

De ki kòb sa misye ap pale la a? Sa vle di kòb bagay nou te vòlè yo! Mesye m'pavle kòb sa. Paske li pap fèm byen menm, menm, menm.
Nou pa konprann ou, depi byen lontan nap swiv ou. Siw pa avèk nou ankò di nou sa, pou nou konnen sa'n dwe fè.
Mesye, nou sonje lè nou pat wèm avan yè a? Enben, m'te pran yon gran desizyon nan la vim, mwen resevwa Jezi.
Mesye yo ri Fritznel.
Vòlè 1
Gad yon koze, misye ap ransè! Li
resevwa Jezi. Saw di nan bagay sa
menm? Kisa? Ann al jwenn medam yo tande.
Deki nèg misye ap pale la a? Se pa vye nèg yo te kloure a? Atò si se li kite Jezi a li pa tap sove tèt li? Monchè, mete bagay sa devan kouri dèyèl tande. Epi tou mizerab tankou'w yon bon wa ta pranw poul mete nan wayòm li. Monchè ou pap vin rale dèyèw la non! Trayizon pa la dan n.
Act la pran fokis sou madam yo.
Gen lè mesye yo vin touye nou bò isit la? An, an. M'pap di yo anyen. Kite yo vini poum mande yo si se mwen ki manman yo.

Kisa m'pral di manmanm lèm rive? Sèlman medam mennenm la kay mwen tande. Nou mennenm nan yon vye peyi ki pagen pyès moun ladann. Kòman nou pap mennenm ale?
Mezanmi! Kisa kite pranm ki fèm vin nan peyi pèdi sa? Medam men yap vini.
M'pa konprann nou mesye, kòman se manman nou nou mennen vin mouri isit la? Mwen vle ale la kay mwen.
Yo chak pran mennaj yo, yo antre nan dlo a. Fritznel op karesse mannaj li. Fritznel vin tris pandan li nan dlo a epi li deside sòti nan dlo a.
 Cheri kisaw gen la? M'pa konprann nou? Sak pasew ou tris konsa?
Ok! Ou mèt kitem, mwen anfòm. Mwen pap rete nan dlo a ankò.
Men cheri mwen pa konprann ou, kisa 'k pa ale? Gen lè m'fèw yon bagay ou pa renmen? Osinon ou gen pwoblèm ak mesye yo?
Fritznel soti nan dlo a.
Vòlè 1
Se pa Fritznel sot nan dlo a, kisa'l genyen?
Vòlè 3
Monchè depi lòd jou m'pa konprann misye menm non papa, kisal dwe gen la?
Fritznel ovri radyo li te pote a, ou byen Radyo machin.
Banm fè yon ti mizik. 
Mizik kretyen kap jwe nan radyo.
Kisa miche ap fè la a? Poukisaw pa banm yon bon mizik monchè? Fèmen vye bagay levan jil ou a.
stasyon radyo a
Mwen kontan jodiya poum rejwenn tout oditè, oditris ki te swaf emisyon an, nou salye tout moun ki deja resevwa Jezi nan la vi yo, epi tout moun ki poko resevwal. Etid nou jodi ya baze sou repantans,nap pran yon ti poz mizikal nap tounen nan kèk minit.
Mizik kretyen kap jwe nan radyo.
M pa konprann, sak kapase la? Se pa m'pa jwenn lòt pòs, ok, banm tande sa kap di a,petèt Bondye ka fèm jwenn yon bagay pou la vim.
Mizik op jwe.
stasyon radyo a
Repantans lan se yon vwè chanjman nan fason yon moun panse ou byen chanjman ki fèt nan kè ak atitid yon moun kapab genyen devan peche. Li se kote moun nan kap pran yon desizyon pou kite peche. Kounye a nou pral konsidere 4 gran prensip pou genyen yon vwè repantans: 
1) Moun nan dwe tris oubyen regrèt davan Bondye akoz peche a. 2 Kor 7:9-11; 9-11; "Men kounyeya, kè m kontan, pa paskemwen te fè nou lapenn, men paske lapenn nou te
genyen an te fè nou chanje kondit. Nou te sipòte lapenn sa a jan Bondye vle l la. Se konsa mwen pa fè nou okenn mal. Paske, lè yon moun sipòte lapenn li jan Bondye vle l la, sa change kè li pou l
ka rive sove. Pa gen anyen la a pou n regrèt. Men, lapenn sou sipòte jan tout moun fè l la, se touye l'ap touye nou. Nou menm, nou sipòte lapenn nou an jan Bondye vle l la. Kounyeya, gade sa l fè pou nou! Gade ki jan li fè nou pran sitirasyon an pou bagay serye! Gade ak ki lanpresman nou sòti pou defann tèt nou? Gade jann te fache! Gade jan n te pè! Gade jan nou anvi wè m ankò! Gade jan nou aktif, jan nou prese pini moun ki te fè sa ki mal la! Nou mountre nou pat koupab nan tout bagay sa yo."

2) Li dwe konfese peche a. Sòm 32: 1-5; "Se yon kantik David. Ala bon sa bon pou yon moun lè Bondye pa gade sou fòt li fè, lè Bondye padonnen peche l' yo! Ala bon sa bon pou yon moun lè Seyè a pa mande l' kont pou sa li fè ki mal, lè li
pa gen okenn lide twonpe Bondye! Ala bon sa bon pou yon moun lè Seyè a pa mande l' kont pou sa li fè ki mal, lè li pa gen okenn lide twonpe Bondye! Lajounen kou lannwit ou t'ap kale m', Seyè. Mwen fin rann tout ji mwen, tankou tè sèk nan sezon chalè. Lè sa a, mwen rekonèt peche m' yo devan ou, mwen pa t' kache ou sa m' te fè ki mal. Mwen di: M'ap rakonte Seyè a tout bagay. Apre sa, ou te padonnen tout peche m' yo." 
1 Jn 1:9; "Men, si nou rekonèt devan Bondye nou fè peche, nou mèt gen konfyans nan li. Paske l'ap fè sak gen pou fèt la: la padonnen tout peche nou yo, la netwaye nou anba tou sa ki mal."

3) Li dwe renonse ak peche a. Pr 28:13; "Moun k'ap kache peche p'ap janm wè zafè yo mache. Men, Bondye va gen pitye pou moun ki rekonèt peche yo, pou moun ki chanje lavi yo."

4) Li dwe gen Èn pou peche a. Pwovèb 8:13; "Lè yon moun gen krentif pou Bondye, li rayi sa ki mal. Mwen pa vle wè moun lògey ak moun awogan, moun ki gen move kondit ak moun k'ap bay manti."

Rezilta se padon nan men Bondye. Frèm ak Sèm yo, nou tout ki ta renmen mennen yon vwè vi ak Senyè a, nou dwe mete kat pwen sa yo an aplikasyon. Se la nou mete fen ak emisyon sa pou jodi a ke Bondye beni nou tout ki tap koutem nan moman sa.
Mizik komanse jwe anko.
Mèsi Bondye pou Pawòl ou, mèsi paske ou fèm konnen kisa repantans lan ye jodi a, mwen rekonèt mwen te peche kont ou, mwen rekonèt m'te fèw anpil mal nan vim, epi mwen rekonèt mwen te peche kont frè Jose padonem, banm fòs poum mennen vwè vi a, mwen priye'w pou bay frè Jose sajès pou'l padone'm tou, montren kòman pou'm fè pou'm remèt li tout bagay mwen vòlè la kay li yo. Fèm mache ak ou, kenbe'm sou chemen an, mwen priye'w nan non Jezi.
rankont jose avèk fritznel 
Jose esplike Fritnel ki jan lavil te ye avan li te resevwa Jezi. Li pataje rèv li te fè, kote vòlè te tirel epi li te mouri li te ale devan Bondye epi li te voye'l nan lanfè. Nap montre yon ti mòso nan fim "Vrè Sekirite a" pandan Jose ap pale. Fritznel di Jose se li ki te kase kay li a, epi pati ak tout bagay. Jose fache. Josette eseye kalme Papa'l.
Kòmanw ye frèm? Poukisa ou lage'm konsa? Jodi a mwen kontan poum wèw epi pale avèk ou.
Bondye beni'w frèm, kòman'w ye? Sa fè lontan depi nou pa wè. Ki pwogrè ou fè nan Kris la? Ou an fòm?
Josette ap antre pandan yo pale.
Bonjou, mwen swetew byen vini la kay nou.
Bonjou ti zanmi, ou byen?
Mwen papi mal; mwen la. MM! Mwen pa
bliye jou ou te pèmèt mwen jwenn Kris kòm sovè epi mèt mwen, monchè, li se yon vrè sekirite pou la vim. Mwen konprann mennen yon vi nan Kris se yon sakrifis.

Mwen kontan ou aksepte Kris. Se vre ganyen anpil sakrifis nan la vi kretyen men, genyen rekonpanse an plis.
Josette deplase.
Mwen kontan ou vini lakay mwen jodi a, epi se yon okazyon pou mwen, pou'm baw yon ti istwa de vi'm avan mwen te resevra Jezi. Bon, Mwen se yon filozof, mwen pat kwè nan oken bagay de Bondye, mwen te kwè nan bèl machin, bèl kay, bèl fanm; mwen te toujou di Jezi'm se te tout byen materyèl ki te la kay mwen yo epi tout bèl konesans mwen yo.
Men, ki kòman ou te resevwa Jezi kòm sovè?
Bon, fòm di'w ke madanm mwen te toujou pale'm de li, men mwen te konn joure madanm mwen pou sa. Yon jou pandan mwen tap dòmi, mwen te wè vòlè ki tap eseye antre la kay la pou te pran kèk bagay ki te rete. Mwen wè mwen te pran zam mwen pou'm te touye'l, malerezman, madanm mwen te viktim anba bal epi mwen te viktim tou. Yon ti tan aprè, mwen menm ak madanm mwen, nou te wè nou devan Bondye, e li te poze nou kesyon yonn aprè lòt, li te swete madanm mwen byen vini la kay Papa'l, madanm mwen te kontan anpil.  Lè li te rive sou mwen, li te mande'm pou'm idantifye'm, men mwen pat kapab paske mwen pat genyen Jezi kòm sovè'm, e li te dim se lè pal ki rive,pa gen chans pou mwen, epi li te voye'm nan dife san fen an.
Tout bagay sa ki te rive'w? E aprè kisa ki te pasew nan dòmi an?
Zyem te vin klè, mwen te wè se te nan rèv mwen te ye. Mwen te konnen  mwen te genyen pou jwenn Jezi, e mwen te kouri bay Jezi la vi'm.
M! Ou te gen chans anpil, e mwen wè ou te entèlijan. Epi konsa'w vin chanje? Gen lè Bondye pa gen parèy vrè?
Wi, sa'l ye a, se sa'l ye vre. Tankou lanmou'l pou tout moun ki kwè nan li se menm jan tou pèsonn paka kanpe devan kòlè ak chatiman Bondye, lèl vle frape yon moun ki pa soumèt devan li.
Frè'm, mwen santi fòk mwen diw yon bagay avan m'ale.
Ou met di'm sa ou vle di'm, frè'm.
Mwen se yonn nan moun ki te kase kay ou a, ki te pran tout bagay ak bèl machin ou an.
Jose leve kanpe kotel te chita epi li frape pyel.               
Kisa ou di la? Ou se yonn nan vòle ki te kase kay mwen an? Nan ki bagay m'pran la. Gade avan'm kontinye pale, kisa ou pral fè pou'm jwenn bagay mwen yo? Fè jan'w konnen poum jwenn tout bagay mwen yo, si tou, machin mwen an.
Frè Jose, mwen pa gen pwoblèm avèk ou. Fòk ou konnen nou te gen tan vann pifò nan bagay yo. Mwen pral fè tout sak depann de mwen poum fèw jwenn machin ou an, menm sim ta gen poum mouri pousa mwen pap gen pwoblèm. Epi tou sim ta mouri sa pap fèm anyen, paske mwen gen yon kote 'm prale.
Fritznel deplase al la kay li.
Jose fè yon bwi. Josette antre.
Papa poukisa'w fache konsa?
Se Fritznel ki te vòle afe nou a!
Ou konnen li pa fasil pou yon moun ki fè mal deklare tout sal fè yo. Sil ka diw sa se paske Bondye chanje kè'l. Tankou Manmanm te aprann mwen yon lè, nou dwe padone moun ki fè nou mal jan Bondye mande'l la. Papa ou mèt gade nan Matye 6 V 12 ak 14 wa wè sa Bondye di.
Josette deplase al regle zafèl.
Jose pran bib li pou li.
Matye 6:12 "Padonnen tout sa nou fè ki mal, menm jan nou padonnen moun ki fè nou mal." Vèsè 14: "Si nou padonnen moun lè yo fè nou mal, Papa nou ki nan syèl la va padonnen nou tou."
fritznel monte bis la
Fritznel pran bis pou al vizite zanmi'l.
Ey! Chofè ki kote bis sa pwale? Èske li ka mennenm la kay mwen?
Vin monte vit, mwen prese mwen pwè pou'l ale.
Film some of the bus going down the road.
Mèsi chofè, mwen rive ou mèt metem atè.
Fritznel desann machin nan li travèse rivyè a epi li rive la kay li.
vizit fritznel la kay ti kòk
Fritznel ale pou vizite ti Kòk la kay li, li travèse ti la rivyè pou li rive la kay li.  Yonn te salye lòt tankou 2 bon zanmi lontan pase. Li jwe avèk Timoun,Ti Kòk mande Fritznel pou ki sa li poko aksepte Jezi? Fritznel dil' ki jan li te aksepte Kris, epi li dili kòman li tris pou mal li te fè avan. Ti Kòk ak Tonton Tiyen ankouraje Fritznel. Yo boukannen mayi nan Jadin ak bwè Lèt nan Tete Bèf.

Mesye eee! Gade yon gason, kòman ou ye papa?
ti kòk
Mezanmi! Se pa ti Fritznel? Ou kwè se li? Se pa vre,m'pa kwè. Bon kisa'k ta di ti Fritznel ta tounen nan peyi isit ankò?
Ou konnen vye frè'm peyi a se pa nou fòk nou tounen kanmenm. Kote Tonton Tiyen? Kòman li fin gran moun?
Ti kòk
Monchè, janm wè miche a la, li tèlman gran moun. Lòt senmenn nan gen lè yap voye rele nou pou'n mete sèkèy miche nan kouti wi i, paske m'wèl kòmanse pa ka mache byen.
Ou pa janm pap fè komik ou menm, depi lontan m'konnen'w, ou poko chanje toujou ou menm?
Fè yon ti chita m'pral di Tonton Tiyen ou nan lakou a.
Ti Kòk deplase pou rele Tonton Tiyen pandan Fritznel ap jwe ak Ti moun ki nan lakou a.
Tonton Tiyen kote'w ye la? Etranje sou ou wi, Fritznel sot la vil vin wè nou. Kisa nap prepare pou li?
Tonton tiyen
Kouman? Ou sou blag! Kite'm soti pou mal wè gasonm nan, m'pa tande lontan an.
Epi Tonton Tiyen soti andan kay la, li salye Fritznel epi pale avè'l.
Tonton Tiyen
O! Gasonm nan, kijanw ye la? Saw vin chache isit? Mwen te andan an, Ti Kòk al relem li dim ou deyò a, epi m'di fòm vin wè si se vre, ou konnen bouch ti moun pale anpil.
Tonton, ou konnen depi nou la, fòk nou toujou pase nan lakou a paske se la nou te leve.
Fritznel, nou pral nan Jaden pita nèg pam. Ou konnen kòman nou te konn kraze mayi boukannen ak lèt bèf.
Ou sonje bagay sa yo toujou nèg? OK, ou mèt menenm nan jaden an pita, map manje anpil.

Ti Kòk
Dim kisa'w fè kòm pwogrè la vil la?  Eske'w poko resevwa Jezi kòm Sovè ak mèt ou toujou? Monchè wap jwe ak bagay serye.
Fritnel vin tris lè Ti Kòk pozel kesyon an, li sonje tout bagay mal li te konn fè.
Ti Kòk, ou pozem yon bèl kesyon, men, kite'm reponn ou. Frèm, mwen gen tan resevwa Jezi, men sa pat fasil pou mwen.
TonTon Tiyen
Mwen te priye anpil pou'w te fè sa.
Ti Kòk leve.
Fritznel, lè a rive an al nan jaden an kounye a.
Tonton Tiyen map vini m'pral nan jaden avèk Ti Kòk. Mwen gen lontan mwen pa manje yon ti mayi boukannen ak lèt bèf. Epi mwen grangou apre tout wout mwen sot fè la.
Ale non pitit mwen, ou konnen sak vid pa kanpe.
Ti Kòk avèk Fritznel kite lakou a pou yo ale nan jaden mayi a ak kote bèf yo ye a epi yo te kòmanse pale pandan yo nan wout la.
Lèm te rive lavil mwen pat gen anyen poum te fè, mwen te jwenn yon gwoup nèg, kite konn manyen afè moun epi'm te vin zanmi avèk yo.
Ti Kòk
Saw di la a? Mesye gade jan lavi zanmim nan tap fini mal!
Kounya menm chak swa nèg yo pran'm na'l fè operasyon epi'm te vin gaye nan fè sa ki mal. Men, m'te gen yon moun ki t'ap panse avèm.
Se ki yès kite panse avèw, ou pat gen fanmi Pòtoprens.
Se Jezi ki te voye yon moun pote padon li pou mwen.
Ti Kòk
O mèsi Jezi, ou pèmèt Fritznel antre nan plan ou te gen pou li a. Kijan ou te resevwa Jezi?
Pandan Fritnel ap mache ak Ti Kòk li vin pi tris toujou, li wè fado peche'l te fè yo, vle vin sou li.
Monchè, se aprè nou te fin kase yon lòt vi. kay. Aprè kèk jou mwen te al fè yon ti flannen, epi pandan m' te kanpe, yon mesye ki rele Jose te vin parèt,li te prezante'm levanjil, aprè anpil tèt rèd mwen te bay Jezi rès vim.
Ti Kòk
Mwen kontan ou pat fè tèt di, ou te prese bay Jezi viw, kounye a ou dwe mande Bondye padon pou tout sa ou te fè ki mal, paske li se padon. Epi priye'l pou'l kontinye travay kè'w.
Frèm, priye pou mwen, pou'm bliye tout sa mwen te konn fè ki mal, sitou pou'm ka mennen yon lòt vi.
Ti Kòk
Ou byen di, se sa Bib la di nan 2 Kor. 5 V 17: "Si yon moun ap viv nan Kris la, li vin yon lòt moun. Bagay lontan yo disparèt, se lòt bagay nèf ki pran plas yo kounyeya."
Fritznel vire do'l pou pale avek Bondye.    
Bondye, èske'w padonem vre? Mwen pa kwè map jwenn padon, chak fwa'm sonje tout bagay mal mwen te fè, m'santi map fini.
Ti Kòk
Fritznel, ou pa bezwen pè, paske ou menm Jezi sove jodi a, se pa kounyeya li te gen plan sa pou ou. Men se depi avan fondasyon mond lan li te genyen'l pou ou. Nan Efezyen 1 V 4 ak 7: Li di, "Bondye te deside depi davans pou'l te adopte nou pou pitit li nan Jezi Kri, gremesi Kris ki mouri pou nou an, nou delivre, nou resevwa padon pou peche nou yo." Sa vle di, ou te nan pwogram Bondye pou'l te sove'w, ou mèt fèl konfyans.

Ti Kòk, mwen kwè avèk tout bon pawòl ou dim la yo, Bondye ka padone'm.
Ti Kòk
Zanmim nan, men yon konsèy mwen vle ba ou jodi ya, ou konnen yon moun paka swiv yon moun li pakonnen, ou bezwen priye Bondye poul fèw konn Jezi, san sa ou pap ka fè levanjil Bondye mande a.
Ti Kòk avek Fritznel kite Jaden an yo tounen la kay.  Pandan yo antre nan la kou a, kote Tonton Tiyen chita...
Mwen vle Jezi travay nan la vi'm, men chak fwa mwen sonje bagay mwen vòlè lè mwen nan gang la, mwen vle jwenn padon nan men moun ke'm te vòlè tout afè'l yo.
Men, pou fè sa fòk ou remèt tout bagay ou vòlè yo.
Ou dwe konnen sa se zafè gang, si ou bezwen gen fòs ak kouraj pou kanpe devan lòm ak devan Bondye. Fòk ou remèt tout bagay. Paske pwovèb la di: Ti chen gen fòs sèlman devan kay mèt li. Mwen konnen lòt zanmi'w yo ki te nan gang lan avè'w yo pap dakò, men ou menm fòk ou fè sa.
Sa ki fèm mal, nou abitye vann tout bagay nou konn vòlè.
Si ou konnen gen kèk bagay ki rete nan men zanmi'w yo, al chache yo pou remèt yo kote ou pran yo a, si yo pa vle ba ou yo retire kòw nan bagay konsa.
Se sèl machin nan ki poko vann, paske nou poko ka regle fo papye pou li.
Sa se chans Bondye ba ou, li kite yon gwo bagay ou ka remèt. Le'w rive Pòtopwens ou dwe al dèyè pou remèt li.
Sa pa fasil.
Se vre, men si Bondye mete ou an fas la Rivyè Jouden, konnen li ka fè ou pase ladann san pye'w pa mouye. Menm si ou ta mouri wap antre nan peyi Jezi pwomèt nou an.  Paske Jezi di kon sa nan Matye 10:39, "Moun káp chache asire lavi l va pèdi li.  Men, moun ki va pèdi lavi l poutèt mwen va jwenn li ankò."
Ou pa bezwen pè, tout sak pa fasil pou ou yo fasil pou Bondye.
Banm di'w yon ti istwa de yon bagay kite rive lè Jezi te sou tè a: Te gen yon nonm yo te rele Laza. Li te malad prèt pou mouri, sèl yo te voye rele Jezi. Lè Jezi tande nouvèl la, li di: Maladi Laza pap touye li. Tout sa rive pou fè moun wè pouvwa Bondye. Se ak maladi sa a Bondye pral fè wè pouvwa pitit li a. Kèk jou apre Laza te vin mouri.  Pandan li te gen kat jou mouri, Jezi te al wè fanmiy li yo, epi li te ale kote yo te antere mò a.  Li di Laza, "leve soti", menm lè a li te leve soti nan tonbo a tou vivan. Si pa chans zanmi ou yo ta touye ou Bondye ta jwenn glwa kanmenm.
Se vwe, kounye a mwen gen Jezi m'pa bezwen pè mouri.
tonton tiyen
Fritznel, tout sa ou wè nou di ou se yo pou ou fè, Bondye va fè de ou, moun li vle pou ou ye. Sèlman ou bezwen obeyisan devan Bondye.
rankont fritznel avèk baz la
Fritznel ap pataje Levanjil avèk Baz la epi li mande yo pou repanti epi aksepte Jezi. Sa pa entèrese yo. Fritznel explike yo ke li tris pou aksyon li te fè epi li mande yo machin nan poul' remèt avèk Jose. Vòlè yo ri epi bal presyon.
Mesye kòman nou ye? se pa'm pa wè nou menm? A a a a mesye nou pa ta fèm sa.
Nou papi mal, nou te sonje ou anpil.
Pouki sa nou we'w jodi a?
Mwen kontan poum prezante
plan Bondye gen pou nou. Li vle
chanje nou menm jan li chanje'm.

Fritznel, kisaw gen nan kòw ak vye koze Jezi sa? Ou wè, siw gen yon bagay ou vle di nou, di'l vit paske nou paka pale anpil nou pa gen tan poun pèdi.
Gade figi misye, monchè chache kote'k grate'w pou grate avèk koze Bondye sa tande. Bon, Bondye chanje'w epi figi'w blaze tankou mango ki gen kat jou toufe san rèk la.
Bon, Mesye mwen gen yon gwo pwoblèm, chak fwa'm rete, mwen tris anpil pou machin nan ki nan men nou. Mwen ta renmen nou remèt mwen li poum bay mèt machin nan li.

An an! se sa a a, gade figi nèg la non, tade'm byen papa, siw konn manje kay nèg ou a, se ou ki konnen, epi siw kontinye ouvri bouch ou nan bagay sa li pap bon pou ou tande papa.
Volè yo deplase san yo pa di'l anyen. Epi Fritznel rete kanpe tou tris pandan lap souke tèt li san di anyen.
jose fache kont fritznel
Jose fache avèk Fritznel. Li pou kont li epi li mache. Li priye pou li mande ki jan li kapab padone Fritznel apre tout sa li te fèl.
jose francois
Mwen poko janm ka konprann sa Fritznel te dim nan, lè li te la kay mwen an.Yon nèg konsa poum byen avèl,yon moun ki fin vòlè tout sa'm genyen, sa mande fòk mwen reflechi avan. Bondye, kisa poum fè? Sevre li te vòlè tout afè'm, men fòk mwen padone'l,si Jezi te fè sa pou mwen, mwen dwe padonel paske Jezi pat vini sèlman pou mwen kite yonn ki pat vle tande pale de li, men li te vini pou vòlè yo tou. Men mwen pa kapab padone'l, li fè'm twop mal!

manno ankouraje Jose
Manno al vizite Jose Pòtopwens poul ka ankouraje Jose aprè li te pèdi tout bagay la kay li.
Bonjou Mesye Jose, kòmanw ye? Kòman Madanm ou ak Josette ye? Tout bagay byen?
Jose francois
Mwen trè byen, Madanm mwen ak Josette byen gras Bondye. Banm nouvèl Tonton Tipay non, kòman li toujou ap fè levanji? Tout lòt moun an deyò yo byen?
Tonton Tipay trè byen, malgre li fin granmoun, li toujou vle kenbe pye Bondye. Epi tout lòt moun yo byen.
jose francois
Kòman ou te fè yon ti pase wè nou? Ki mirak?
Frèm, mwen te tande kijan tout bagay te pase'w, mwen oblije antre isit poum wè kòman'w ye. Epi mwen tande ou te resevwa Jezi, mwen vin poum ankouraje'w.
jose francois
Monchè Manno, mwen pa ka imagine gran mirak sa Bondye fè nan lavi'm. Yon moun ki pa chwazi Jezi pa janm konnen ki jan lavil ap fini. Epi moun sa sanble ak yon bato ki san gouvènay. Mwen pat janm panse si Bondye t'ap fè yon bagay konsa pou mwen, men li pa gade sou vye moun mwen te ye pou li te padone'm.
Mwen kontan pou bèl bagay sa li fè nan la viw.
Men, mwen fenk jwenn nouvèl ke se te Fritznel kite nan gang ki te kase kay mwen epi pran tout afèm. Se Fritznel mwen te mennen bay Kris la, kounye a se frè mwen li ye.
Fòk ou sonje li pat konn Kris lè li te pran afè'w yo.  Mwen konnen mwen regrèt anpil bagay mwen te fè avant mwen te konvèti. Kounye a yo gen tan fèt, m'paka chanje yo.
Mwen tèlman fache avèk li pou sal te fèm!
Ravèt pa janm gen rezon devan poul. Kounye a, ou bezwen chache konnen ki jan pawòl la mande pou ou viv. Men sa Bondye di nan Efezyen 4V 31, 32: "Piga yo jwenn nan mitan nou moun ki kenbe lòt nan kè yo, moun ki gen San wo, moun ki renmen fè kòlè. Piga yo tande woywoy ak joure nan mitan nou."
Jose Francois
Nou pa fèt pou gen okenn lòt kalite mechanste k'ap fèt nan mitan nou. Okontrè, se pou nou aji byen yonn ak lòt, se pou nou gen bon kè yonn pou lòt, pou nou yonn padonnen lòt, menm jan Bondye te padonnen nou nan Kris la. Sa vle di, Frè Jose ou dwe renmen tout moun, menm moun ki fèw mal.
Tèt mwen cho!
Ou pa bezwen fè tèt cho, sèlman, mande Bondye fòs ak kouraj.  Si ou se yon Kretyen fòk ou aji tankou Kris.
Jose Francois
Mwen te priye pou'm resevwa Jezi, deja. Men, nan moman sa mwen pa santi'm yon Kretyen.
An nou priye pou Bondye kap chanje kè'w. Se sèlman Jezi ki ka chanje kè yon moun. Paske Bondye di li pap ekri sou tablèt wòch ankò, men lap ekri nan kè. Kite Bondye ekri nan kè ou.
Wi, ou mèt priye pou'l fèt.
Senyè Jezi, se ou menm ki ka fè kè moun yo rèd ou byen fè kè yo mou. Tanpri ekri pawòl ou nan Kè Jose. Fèl sonje jan ou te renmen'l, ou te menm ale sou la kwa pou li te ka jwenn padon. Fèl renmen frè Fritznel, pou'l ka padonnen'l jan ou mandel la.
Konnen, lap pran tan pou Bondye travay nan kè ou, men fòk ou dakò pou travay sa fèt.
Ou ka priye pou Fritznel tou pou Bondye ka chanje kè li tou.
Bon, mwen konnen ou fatige, li tap bon pou ta fè yon ti kouche avan ou retounen. Ou mèt al repoze.
Mèsi anpil frè'm.
baz la fache kont fritznel
Vòlè 1 ak 3 pale kont Fritznel, epi yo diskite ki sa yo ka fè pou pwoteje tèt yo kont li. LI fèt deyò anba yon pye bwa.
vòlè 1
Kisa poun fè ak miche menn? Si nou pa fè yon bagay avèk li, lap trayi nou. Nan wout m'wèl pran la, bagay la pap bon pou nou.
vòlè 3
Monchè, miche aji yon jan dwòl vre! Wi, bon, kisa'n dwe fè pou li? An nou fè yon fason pou'n pran tèt li pou'n wè kòman li ka rete avèk nou nèt ale.
Li pap retounen vin jwenn nou paske levanjil li a gentan gate lespril.
Nan ka sa, ki sa nou ka fè?
Si nou pa mete'l an silans, lap di sa nou te fè. Sil fè sa petèt jijman polisye ka menm tonbe sou nou.
Nou pa ka kite sa rive. Petèt nou dwe pale avek li.
Li twò ta pousa monchè! Ou pat wè li vin bon zanmi Jose; li toujou la kay li?
Se sa! Li menm mande machin nan pou li bay Jose. Imagine apwè tout bagay nou te fè pou nou te gen machin sa, kounye a li vle pran'l pou remèt ak Jose. Ha!
Kijan pou nou ka fè'l bèbè?
Fòk nou di'l piga li pale de nou.
An nou gaye kaka miche non.
Vòlè 3 leve soti, li pa alèz.
Ou konn kouri ou pa konn kache.

atak kont fritznel nan wout la
Vòlè 1 ak 3 kondwi machin nan epi yo rankontre avèk Fritznel nan wout la. Fritznel mande yo ankò si yo pap bay Jose Machin nan. Vòlè 1 fache li rale zam sou Fritznel. Li tire'l epi Fritznel tonbe atè. Li blese. Vòlè 3 desann nan machin nan pou ede Fritznel. Vòlè 1 kouri ale avèk machin nan. Vòlè 3 rele pou pou'l jwen èd. Josette tande rèl la li kouri rele papa'l. Jose rele anbilans nan selilè.
vòlè 3
Men Fritznel!
Vòlè 3 lonje dwet li pou montre kote Fritznel ap soti.
vòlè 1
Kote miche? Sa nap fè? 
Vòlè 1 kanpe machin nan.
Mwen t'ap chache nou tout kote, mwen pat wè nou. Kòman nou ye mesye? Mwen te vle pale avèk nou konsènan machin nan.
Kisa ou te bezwen di nou?
Eske ou poko jwenn fo papye?
Nou eseye tout bagay, raketè yo mande twòp kòb nou poko ka fè anyen.
Ou mèt ban mwen'l, mwen gen yon bagay m'ka fè avè'l.
Kisa wap fè avè'l?
Eske nou ka jwenn yon bon ti kòb pou li? Fòk nou gen kòb la nèg, si non mwen pito kontinye kouri'l epi al fè operasyon avè'l la nwit.
Ou mèt banm machin nan mwen pa vle nou mache vòlè bagay moun la nwit ankò.
Men ou poko di ki sa wap fè avèk machin nan nèg!
Ou konnen, mwen vle nou retire kò nou nan vòlè, paske mwen pa fè patit mond ankò. Nan plas tout mal mwen te konn fè, mwen vle fè yo byen kounye a. Mwen ta vle fè yon bagay kap bon pou mwen epi pou nou tou.
Pa di'm, wap remèt machin nan?
Vòlè 1 soti nan machin nan tranble pandan li mete menl bòkote'l poul pran zam li.
Poze sanw, chita.
Vòlè 1 pwente zam li sou Fritznel epi souke'l pandan lap pale.
Si ou remèt machin nan, lap rele polis vin arete nou tout. Ou sonje mwen te di'w miche tap trayi nou.
Map touye'l menm.
Ou pa bezwen fè'l sa.
Pa pa paw, li tire Fritznel epi li monte machin nan li ale kite Vòlè 3 kanpe bò kote Fritznel la.
Tanpri Jezi è è è.
(Lap di'l san fos, tankou li pap kapab respire.)

Fritznel tonbe atè a.
Anmwe rele anbilans. Anmwe vin potem sekou....
Papi mwen tande yon tire deyò a epi mwen tande yon rèl, pou kisa ou pa al wè sak pase?
Ok, chri map vini.
Jose Francois kouri poul al jwenn moun kap kriye a, lè li rive li wè se Fritznel yo tire epi li rele anbilans nan telefòn li.
Alo Kwa Wouj, nou gen yon zanmi ki pran bal. Tanpri, voye anbilans vin ede nou, paske li poko mouri li gen chans poul viv. Mwen nan ri Omega.
Ki sa m'dwe fè zanmi'm nan pran bal, woy, woy.
Papi kiksa mwen ka fè?
Al andan kay la di manmi sa kap pase, chache kèk sèvyèt pote ban mwen kounye a.
Ok papi, map vini.

Alo. Mwen ap chache yon jij paske nou gen yon moun ki pran bal. Tanpri, voye yon jij vin ede nou. Mwen nan ri Omega, deyo sou wout la.
Mwen santi'm ap mouri, men mwen dakò mouri paske Bondye te gen tan mete'm nan vwè chemen an.
(Lap di'l san fos, tankou li pap kapab respire.)

Fritznel ou pa twò grav ou ka viv.

Non, pa mouri zanmi'm!
Josette retounen avèk sèvyè yo, epi yo mete yonn anba tèt Fritznel epi sou kote li pran bal la.
Anbilans lan paret. Yo mete Fritznel andan Machin nan. Yo bal' oksijèn ak sewòm epi yo bal' premye swen.
Wi ou rive, vin bò isi avèk anbilans la.
Di mwen ki sa ki te pase'l la?
Mwen te ansanm avèk zanmi'm, zanmi an te tire'l, men se la li te blese.
Pran kad la.
Parametic pwente.
Jose Francois ak Josette al pran kad la.
Eske miche ap viv?
Mwen pa konnen men mwen wè'l pèdi anpil san. Ede'm leve miche mete sou kad la.
Yo tout monte nan machin nan.
Chofè ou mèt ale.
Filme machin pandan lap kouri pou ale lopital.
Parametic mete Fritznel nan sewòm epi pran tansyon'l pandan yo pral lopital avèk li.
doktè pa wè chans pou Fritznel viv
Doktè te egzamine Fritznel epi li di lap mouri, nen pòt sa ki fèt, si yo operel' ou byen non. Li montre yo radyografi kote bal la chita. Jose te vrèman dezole epi li kòmanse priye pou Fritznel. Josette kanpel' pou li padone'l nèt avan. Jose padone Fritznel epi kòmanse priye ankò.
Mwen rele Dr Reginald. Mesye a prèske pa gen san ki rete nan kòl ankò non. Nou gen tan ba li yon lit san deja.
Kisa sa vle di?
Li pran twòp tan atè a, li fin pèdi tout san li te genyen.
Men eske lap viv?
Doktè mete radyografi sou limyè pou yo ka wè'l.
Men radyografi ki te fèt. Ou wè la, sa se bal la, kote li chita danje anpil.
Men pou ki sa li danjere?
Ki yès ki kite ti moun nan vin la? Li gen danje paske bal la chita bò kè'l. Si ou gade'l la,se sa ki kè li.
Ki sa nou ka fè?
Nou te ka eseye fè operasyon'l, Men, nou pagen doktè ki spesyalize nan kè. Mwen se chirijyen, mwen ka retire bal la san pwoblèm. Men, se yon mirak sèlman ki ta pou fèt pou kè a pa ta pran yon domaj.
Sa vle di, li pral mouri, pa gen anyen ki ka fèt?
Volè 3 kòmanse kriye. Epi doktè a deplase, li kite Jose Francois tou tris.
Si se sèlman mirak ki ka sovel, fòk mwen priye pou li.
Papi avan ou priye, mwen ta renmen ou padone Fritznel. Bondye paka tande piye ou si ou pa padone'l.

Monchè fòk mwen di la verite, miche se zanmim, se nou toua ki alèz konsa, se lòt zanmi an ki fèl sa pou tèt yon machin Fritznel mandel.  Ou dwe padonel, paske li merite padon.
Se machin ou an mwen te eseye mande'l pou'm ka remèt ou.
(Lap di'l san fos, tankou li pap kapab respire.)

Wa w, ou telman kwe nan Jezi!  Li tap bon pou tout moun kap rele tet yo Kretyen pou viv kon sa!
Se sa menm, sal te vle fè a, se li ki tap bon, paske tout moun ki vle mennen yon vwè vi ak Jezi dwe fè sal mande pou fè. Mèsi Fritznel, dèske ou te aksepte fè sa Jezi te mande ou fè. Mwen wè ou vle fè yon bon kretyen. Se pou Bondye ba ou la vi ankò. Mwen dakò padone'w, menm si ou paka remèt mwen anyen. Mwen padone'w.
Jose Francois mete men'l sou Fritznel pandan lap priye pou li.
Papa Bondye, mwen vin nan prezans ou nan moman sa, poum mande ou gras pou Fritznel. Men li kouche sou kabann lopital, kote doktè paka fè anyen pou li. Mwen mande ou touche li kounye a, ak pwisans ou, ak dife Sen-Tespri w la. Bal yon temwanyaj vivan, menm jan ou te fè pou Laza. Pèmèt glwa ou manifeste pou moun ki pa konnen w yo, vin konnen'w. Se nan non Jezi nou fè priyè sa. Amen.

operasyon bondye
Jezi parèt epi li pran Bal la san lòt moun pa wèl. Petèt Bondye soufle nyaj li sou kote bal la te antre a.
We can film a close-up in the operating room with a real patient.  We can have a black hand bring a bullet out of an open wound.  That footage can be edited in as the close-up angle for the scene.
Vòlè 3 asepte kris
Fritznel touse (pandan vi'l ap retounen) epi li geri nèt. Li gade kote'l te blese.  Vòlè 3 wè jan Fritznel geri epi li bay la vil' ak Jezi.
Wow, ki sa ki pasem la? M'pa malad ankò!
Li manyen kotel te blese a, li pa we anyen. Li pa menm gen san sou li anko.
Jose mèsi pou padon ou te fèm, mèsi pou tout priyè ou yo. Jezi te tandew, epi li geri mwen. Kounye a mwen an fòm nèt.
Fritznel leve danse avèk men'l yo anlè.
Gade yon mirak Bondye fè. Doktè a te di se sèlman yon mirak ki te ka fèt pou ou viv. Bondye gran li fè sal vle.
Alelouya! Mesi Jezi!
M'pa konprann sa'm wè la. Bondye'w fè ou fè bagay fou.
Pa fwa lè le mond wè yon kretyen fè sa Bondye mandel fè, li samble bagay fou. Men Bondye nan gran pouvwa li, tout sa'l fè toujou etone lòm, pou non li ka glorifye.
E byen! kounye a mwen pa gen lòt chwa, ke bay la vim ak Jezi.
Sèlman kwè ou se yon pechè, kwè Jezi te mouri pou'l sove'w, vire do ou bay tout mal ou te fè, epi fè menm jan ave'm. La vi kretyen pa janm fasil,men finalman si ou rete kole ak Jezi tout bagay ap fini byen.

Bondye, mwen di'w mèsi, jodi a ou fèm wè grandè ou, mwen wè pa gen lòt tankou'w. Kounye Jezi vin jwenn mwen epi mwen va mache ave'w. Padone pechem yo, mwen rekonèt m'fè anpil peche devan'w, kitem obeyi'w pou tout la vi'm epi fè'm jan ou vle pou mwen ye. Tanpri ede'm fè tout sa mwen gen pou'm fè, epi pwoteje'm menm jan ou te pwoteje la vi Fritznel. Se nan non Jezi mwen priye'w. Amen.
Yo tout anbwase yonn lòt epi selebre ansanm.
fritznel chante avek vòlè 3
Yo chante yon chan an Kreyòl nan Legliz la. Si nou paka panse ak yon chante, n'ap chante chan sa ki di"pa gen lòt tan kou'w." Ekriti yo kòmanse ap monte.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kurt's Team Update

The ministry team had its first night of showing films on Saturday night. God defintely touched lives and at least five people made decisions for Christ.  We believe God is going to move mightly every night. Please pray for us to minister with love, power and wisdom in how to encourage our Haitian brothers and sisters.  If we felt anything, it was that there is a real hunger for going deeper with God. Pray that God would use us to minister the Kingdom of God, which they desperately need to see manifested in their lives.  We are praying that our hearts will stretch and that we will be obedient in how the Holy Spirit leads. We have a full schedule, ministry every night thru the 15th of February.

Saturday Night's Film Showing

A Prayer After the Earthquake in Haiti

A Prayer After the Earthquake in Haiti

Lord, at times such as this,
when we realize that the ground beneath our feet
is not as solid as we had imagined,
we plead for your mercy.

As the things we have built crumble about us,
we know too well how small we truly are
on this ever-changing, ever-moving,
fragile planet we call home.
Yet you have promised never to forget us.

Do not forget us now.

Today, so many people are afraid.
They wait in fear of the next tremor.
They hear the cries of the injured amid the rubble.
They roam the streets in shock at what they see.
And they fill the dusty air with wails of grief
and the names of missing dead.

Comfort them, Lord, in this disaster.
Be their rock when the earth refuses to stand still,
and shelter them under your wings when homes no longer exist.

Embrace in your arms those who died so suddenly this day.
Console the hearts of those who mourn,
and ease the pain of bodies on the brink of death.

Pierce, too, our hearts with compassion,
we who watch from afar,
as the poorest on this side of the earth
find only misery upon misery.
Move us to act swiftly this day,
to give generously every day,
to work for justice always,
and to pray unceasingly for those without hope.

And once the shaking has ceased,
the images of destruction have stopped filling the news,
and our thoughts return to life’s daily rumblings,
let us not forget that we are all your children
and they, our brothers and sisters.
We are all the work of your hands.

For though the mountains leave their place
and the hills be tossed to the ground,
your love shall never leave us,
and your promise of peace will never be shaken.

Our help is in the name of the Lord,
who made heaven and earth.
Blessed be the name of the Lord,
now and forever. Amen.

Copyright © 2010, Diana Macalintal. Permission is given to reprint for non-commercial use.

Medical Team # 2 and Kurt's Team Update

We are one big happy family!  We are at 20+ foreigners plus Haitians in a single residence.  It wasn't two story until we arrived. We've got many inhabitants on the roof.  They say it's cooler up there.  I would have to agree, and say dangerously cold in the early morning hours, with a great risk of pneumonia.  Of course, they call me Haitian.

We had a merging and blending of teams yesterday.  Kurt lent the medical team a nurse, a translator, and some other helpers.  They went to a new tent village.  It was a former American golf course, now about 22 acres of tents.  They said there were about 30,000 in that tent village.  They saw about 120 patients, some burns and general medical problems.  The team worked together well.  We also had a couple MCC nurses working with us yesterday.

Some of Kurt's team also took Joe's Trooper back to the house and worked on it during the day. 

Last night we showed films in Croix-de-Bouquets.  We had several hundred present.  There were five young people that accepted Christ as their personal savior.

This morning we're off to Quisqueya Chapel.  I'm not sure how we're all going to get there.  Will my Land Cruiser carry the brunt of these 20+ folks?  We hope?  We're hoping to have lunch at McEpi after church.  More films are scheduled for tonight, again in Croix-de-Bouquets.

Thanks for your prayers, they are valuable!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reflections from Team # 1 by Anje Ackerman Cassel

Evening was beginning to fall on Haiti as our two vehicles, loaded high with our 12-member relief team, attempted the steep rocky ascent of the crumbling road towards our next work site.  This was week two of our mobile relief clinic, and exactly two weeks since the first earthquake that toppled Port-Au-Prince and sent its citizens to the streets—the streets where most still remain, with no more than a sheet and a stick for shelter.

We parked the truck and began the ascent past crumbled homes and street fires, stopping to hear an elderly woman weep and gesticulate to the skies, her cloudy eyes rich with the baptism of pain as she reached out and proclaimed that she is “under the arm of the grand master”. 

A white dove led the way past twisted rubble as we “blancs” (whites) followed the pastor who was leading us into his own devastated community.  We crested the hill and he reminded us to wear masks if we had brought one…  Two weeks since the quake, yet many bodies of the victims remain under hopelessly crushed structures, their scent a painful reminder to the families who mourn them. 

No vehicles can pass through this area.  Demolition will continue one neighborhood block at a time—one cinder block, one board, one red and blue high chair compressed to the floor with a small plush reindeer lying dusty next to it.

Beyond the crumbled homes and offices was another vast hillside, a slumping array of flattened dwellings and leaning structures, pockmarked with eroded sites of homes that slid to crush what laid below.  Power lines drooped, waving their dark flags of black plastic bags, soot and other various materials that now cling to them like sea kelp.

The pastor wept as he showed us where his office once stood, across from the spot where his church once stood.  A parishoner’s wife lays buried beneath this ground.  The girl’s young daughter-- eyes red from dust and sorrow-- sits quietly by, her arm in a makeshift sling.

An odd thing happens as we stand together weeping.  A rainbow cuts through the haze and reaches heavenward.  Its arm curves to embrace the hillside, much like the “arm of the grand master” that covers the elderly woman who cried out to us in the street.

Joe has prayer with the community’s pastor.  They pray for each other loudly as we circle around to lay on hands.  Fires burn in the street, fires that burn trash and cremate bodies.  We keep praying.  We sing Amazing Grace in two languages and we weep some more.  We lay hands on Dr. Richard Alderfer and on each other, nurses, EMT’s, relief workers.  We feel God’s presence.

Tomorrow will begin another day of mobile clinic work in tent cities.  We will see more wounds, more fractures, more sick babies.  We will see patients who still have not seen a doctor since the day of the quake.  We will treat them if we can.  Those too badly injured we will transport to the Miami University tent hospital near the Port-Au-Prince airport.  They will be treated there or flown to the USS Comfort for surgery.  We will see a young girl with a fractured femur, a grown woman with a crushed pelvis, a boy whose hand must be operated on before gangrene dictates amputation.

Meanwhile, as we return to our truck in the dusk, a shy girl reaches for my hand and flashes a bashful grin.  I smile back and she loves this.  I think of my own young children back in America, and I nearly fall to my knees to mourn this girl’s loss of innocence.  It is more than a mother’s heart can bear.  As we weave through the makeshift tents, I pass a hand-painted message “God is good all the time”.  I pull myself together and we continue.  In the morning we will return to provide medical care—but my hope is to provide more than just that.  I pray that we will have the time to listen to a story as a patient waits in line, to give them a chance to tell their stories of loss, and of redemption in the midst of suffering.  I know already that these good, strong suffering people will teach all of us what it means to have joy in adversity.

Anje Ackerman Cassel, RN, BSN

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kurt's Team Arrived

Kurt's team has arrived safely in Port-au-Prince.  We picked them up at the bus station at about 6PM.  We had nice BBQ chicken for dinner.  They are off to bed now!  We're looking for a relaxing and worshipful morning tomorrow, and a ministry-filled evening of showing films tomorrow night.


We now have an Internet connection at the team house.  We just brought it online 5 minutes ago.  It appears to work really well.  Thanks to Inveneo for providing this valuable service!

Kurt's Evangelism Team

Kurt Kreider and team are on their way to Haiti today.  I'm on my way to Port-au-Prince and will spend the entire time with them.  I may not be able to reply to your email's promptly.  Remember, no news is good news!

I plan to meet them at the bus station in Port-au-Prince, as they had to travel through the Dominican Republic because the Port-au-Prince airport is still not open for regular commercial flights.  Please pray for God to work in and through us as we minister through film in the tent cities.

Kurt and Some of His Team

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Vehicle Project - Ways to Donate

A new vehicle project has been approved by Virginia Mennonite Missions (VMM) and Fellowship Bible Church (FBC).  Prayerfully consider making a donation towards more reliable transportation for my ministry in Haiti! My current truck just turned 20 years old, and is as active as a teenager, being used daily with medical clinics and evangelism after the earthquake.  We are investing in a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser to carry me through the next 20 years?  The new vehicle will cost $65,000 including all customizations, taxes and fees.

The Old Truck Feeling Sick

We are seeking gifts of any size to make this purchase.  You can make a donation in either of the following ways...
  1. VMM Online - Go to, put "Haiti PMG vehicle fund" in the comment box.
  2. Mail a Check to Virginia Mennonite Missions - Make check payable to "Virginia Mennonite Missions" and put “Haiti PMG vehicle fund” in the memo line. Mail to...
              Virginia Mennonite Missions
              901 Parkwood Drive
              Harrisonburg, VA  22802
  3. Mail a Check to Fellowship Bible Church - Make check payable to "Fellowship Bible Church" and put “Haiti truck project” in the memo line, or on an attached note. Drop it in the offering plate at FBC or mail to...
              Fellowship Bible Church
              4600 McCann Road
              P.O. Box 9340
              Longview, TX 75608
Standard Land Cruiser without Customizations

 If you are unable to give at this time, know that I love you just the same, and appreciate the way you lift me and my ministry up in prayer.

Medical Team # 2 - Safe Arrival in Port-au-Prince

The second medical team has safely arrived in Port-au-Prince.  They are at the bus station.  Joe has gone to pick them up.

Medical Team # 1 - Arrives in Santo Domingo

Medical Team # 1 has safely arrived in Santo Domingo.  They have been met by the Heishman's.  They are now headed to Pizza Hut for supper!

Medical Team # 1 - Departed Port-au-Prince

Medical Team # 1 has left Port-au-Prince on a UN flight.  They should be arriving in Santo Domingo, Isabella airport soon.

There is a protest on the 15 October road in Port-au-Prince.  They are flying flags upside down.  Appears to be a peaceful demonstration at this point.

Medical Team # 2 - Departed from Santo Domingo

Medical Team # 2 has left Santo Domingo are are on their way to Port-au-Prince.  They are taking Capital Coach Lines.  The station is more convenient than Caribe Tours, especial on the Haiti side, which will cut off about 45 minutes of the bus ride, and save us over an hour going to get them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Medical Team # 2 - Safely arrived to Santo Domingo

The second medical team is on their way to Haiti.  They have safely arrived in Santo Domingo, on time even.

Medical Team # 1 Update

The medical team is hard at work again today.  Laurie has recovered from her belly ache, and is back at work!  Everyone else is doing fine too!  Thanks for your prayers today!

Laurie Hard at Work

Haiti Infrastructure and Last Night's Rain

Although the need is great in Port-au-Prince, it is also putting a great deal of strain on the rest of the country.  They say half of the inhabitants of Port-au-Prince have fled to the countryside, which is stressing the infrastructure there.  I had a friend call me to verify there were a thousand quake victims in Deschapelles.  He thought the number was outrageous.  I can believe there are a thousand new faces or old faces that I haven't seen in a while that are in Deschapelles. Although the damage is primarily in the Port-au-Prince area, the “aftershock” of displaced persons is effecting the whole country.  This is stressing everything, food production, medical care, potable water, police force, etc.

It rained last night.  As I was laying in my nice warm bed in my house that was left shaken but undamaged by the earthquake, I thanked the Lord for his many blessings.  And I prayed for the rain to continue so the country can produce the food they need in their gardens.  I also prayed for the people in the make-shift tent villages that they would somehow be protected from it.  Maybe it didn’t even rain there.  You can pray too!

It sometimes brings me to tears to see this country continually get beaten down; political instability, hurricanes, floods, and now this earthquake.  Even though all of these bad things continually happen to the Haitian people, they are incredibly resilient, and continue to Praise the Name of the LORD!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Medical Team # 1 Update

Medical Team # 1 is doing OK today. Laurie has a belly ache, but everyone else is doing fine!  They were hard at work on Delmas 33 today.

Mobile Clinic at a Tent City on Delmas 33

Tomorrow the team plans to have clinic at Nazon on Ruite Barthoy at the Baptist Redemption Church.

Medical Team # 2 - Preparing for Departure

The support staff of doctor, and replacement nurses and helpers is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, February 3rd.  It consists of the following persons...
  • Meriwether Anderson, RN, ER, infectious disease
  • James Conrad, MD from Perkasie, PA with 40 years of experience in family medicine, now retired
  • Carol Lazer, RN, 43 years in surgical, wound care, now retired
  • David Powell, Environmental Scientist, lived and worked in Haiti with MCC, knows creole language
  • Micah Puffer, BSN-RN, Martha Jefferson Hospital Emergency Room, Medical-surgical
  • Laura Trissel, RN, OCN Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Mission trips to Asia and Africa
  • Josephine Wagner, RN, Western State Hospital has been to Haiti in 2003
John and Elaine Schaefer and Dr Alderfer will remain in Haiti to join Medical Team # 2.