Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wakeup Call and Other News

I didn't wake up to the smell of fresh coffee this morning.  Rather, I woke up shaking, and to the bang of a closet door.  I jumped out of bed, all disoriented, stood up, and the shaking had stopped.  I crawled back under the covers to warm up. You guessed it, we had another aftershock, this time a really big one; magnatude of 6.1.  Find the details at the USGS

I got a call this morning from Kenol in Mirebalias, and he said the one wall of his house was damaged in the quakes.  He wanted to verify if the medical team could come to Pouyet as planned before the quakes started.

Hospital Albert Schweitzer made it on the ABC World News last night. See the article on the ABC World News Blog.

Joe and I made it in The News Leader yesterday.  See the article at

The first VMM medical team made it in the News Virginian.  See the article on the News Virginian site.