Sunday, January 24, 2010

Team and other Updates

The team is all healthy and happy in the Lord.  They got settled in late Friday night, after a long bus trip through the Dominican Republic.  They organized their meds on Saturday morning and then went to work at the hospital in Bon Repo.  They seemed to enjoy it and feel fulfilled.

I did a medical emergency transport for a girl with a broken femur from the hospital in Bon Repo to another hospital/clinic in Port-au-Prince.  She was greeted by a caring team of American doctors and nurses.  They were an evangelical church group and Jewish group from New York putting their efforts together, among others.  They took the temporary cast off, and examined the leg.  They confirmed the leg was broken, and talked of transferring her to another hospital.  They put another temporary splint on, and started to figure out how they could get her to the Israeli field hospital.  They said it was close by, so I volunteered to take her over there.  They asked if I could take two of their patients along while I was going.  They loaded up everyone in my "ambulance" and we went looking for the hospital.  I was supposed to follow someone that knew the way, but they were in a hurry and couldn't wait for us to load the additional patients, so they descried how to get there. I drove right there (to where the directions lead).  Unfortunately, this was NOT the Israeli field hospital, but was the Argentine UN hospital.  So, we drove around for an hour looking and asking everyone that we could.  Unfortunately the Haitian's weren't aware of the hospital and the UN didn't speak Creole (or English).  If someone would have told me where it was at, I could have driven straight there.  There are too many foreigners here that aren't working together with the Haitian people!  They come and setup a GREAT field hospital on a soccer field, but don't tell the general public or other organizations (like other UN bases and the Haitian National Police) that it's a hospital, and where it's at.

This morning the team went to Quisqueya Chapel for worship.  We had a great time of worship and biblical encouragement.

We picked up a stray at the bus station that arrived with the team.  His name is Lee, and he is from London, England.  He came to Haiti right away because he wanted to help anyway he could.  Truly he was a BIG help with taking the patients to the secondary care hospital.  And obviously he cares about the Haitian people.

Gordon arrived at the bus station tonight; a little later than expected.  There was a large crowd of people trying to get into Haiti today on Caribe Tours in Santo Domingo.  There was a lot of pushing and cutting in line, but fortunately Gordon still made it onto today's bus.