Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer Requests

Please pray as you feel led.  Here are our current pray concerns...
  1. Thank the Lord that I was not injured or killed in the earthquake.
  2. Pray for the Oasis of Faith Christian Church, Marie and her four children in the loss of their pastor/husband/father.
  3. Pray for the stability of Haiti, both physical and political and safety.
  4. Pray for the people who are living in “tent cities”, because they have lost their homes or because they are scared to go back inside.
  5. Pray for those that were injured and are now recovering.  Pray they will get the right medical treatment.
  6. Pray for the upcoming medical teams and others that I am responsible for.
  7. Pray for wisdom in knowing how I can make the most difference.
  8. Pray that Haiti will turn to Christ as their savior.