Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Medical Team # 1 Update

The medical team is doing fine this morning.  They were going to stop at the Christian Fellowship Mission orphanage (at Clercine) on their way to the hospital in Bon Repo this morning.  There was a report of 3 sick kids that needed to be seen by the doctor there.

It appears the work is nearly finished in Bon Repo, and MCC is planning another place at Nazon with tin roofs and 25 beds where there is a lot of need. Definitely a much more densely populated area with more damage.

 Dr Alderfer Writing a Prescription

Gordon go the leaky radiator fixed in my Land Cruiser.  Gordon was then picked up by Steve Revis.

We are planning a new set of batteries and solar panel to augment power at the team house.  They will hopefully be delivered to Port-au-Prince from the Dominican Republic by a friend of the Heishman's.  Please pray this can take place later in the week.

It appears that we will be able to get temporary Internet access at the team house, through Inveneo.  They are setting up wireless infrastructure in the Port-au-Prince area.  They said it could possibly happen this Thursday or Friday.  I hope to be there to help with this installation.

There was yet another aftershock this morning (magnitude of 4.4) 55 miles West of Port-au-Prince.  The team felt it!