Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back home to Deschapelles

I have safely returned to Deschapelles as I didn't find anything that I felt was more important to do than my responsibilities at HAS.

We had a powerful worship service at Quisqueya Chapel, in Port-au-Prince. The service is generally in English only, but I was asked to translate for our Haitian friends that didn't speak English that were in attendance.  It was a powerful journey from sorrow and mourning to rejoicing.

The damage in Port-au-Prince is like you see on the news.  But not all of Port-au-Prince is flattened. Different areas go from no damage to completely destroyed. The news always shows the bad stuff.

I heard that Greogory (my Haitian friend and team helper/translator is fine).

We found Pastor Jacques at his house this afternoon.  He has been busy all week hauling dead bodies out of town to be burnt and/or buried, and rescuing survivers from under collapsed buildings.

We then proceeded to Leogone  to access the damage there.  They were also hit hard, with lots of damage in that area.  We found Pastor Enoch.  His house was completly destroyed, flat to the ground, but none of his household of 12 was killed.  He suffered some minor abrasions.  We then visited Djermet and he and his family were doing well other than a child with abrasions on the ear and face, and another with a swollen foot from being hit by falling rubble.

Even as of 2AM this morning, there was yet another aftershock.

We have an immediate need for any medical personal to help staff a hospital in Bon Repot.  The hospital is affiliated with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).  They expect to be swamped with the changing of bandages on wounds, and other secondary issues.  We have found comfortable accommodations in PAP and can get easy transportation through the Dominican Republic. Ideally the team would start making their journey tomorrow to arrive by Wednesday night in Haiti.  We can then arrange pickup at the Santo Domingo airport and an overnight stay, with a transfer to the bus station the following day, to get into Port-au-Prince about 7PM in the evening.  Or earlier if taking public bus and met at the D.R. border.  If you are a medical person and willing to volunteer for a week or two, and can come immediately, we would appreciate the help.