Thursday, January 14, 2010

48 Hours After the Earthquake

The hospital continues to function overtime.  The internal corridors are jam packed with beds and mats.  Some beds have even more than one patient in them.  The doctors and nurses are working overtime and doing a wonderful job at it.  There is a back log of patients lined up to go into surgery.  Both of the surgeons are exhausted from working hours on end.  One of the surgeons got news that his sister died.  He took a short break to deal with his grief, and returned again to save additional lives.  Please pray for them.

I got news that Pastor Alberoi has been missing now for 3 days.  It's expected that he is in the Bible school where he teaches that collapsed.

My brother Joe is in route to Haiti now, looking at various options to get into the country, to help with the search and rescue effort.  Please pray for his timely arrival.  When he arrives, I plan to meet up with him and will be out of touch for several days.  Remember, no news is good news!

The Haitian's are incredible and resilient people.  The way they handle a crisis is amazing; one helping another, waiting patiently for rescue or treatment.